NPF confident of forming new Govt soon

NPF confident of forming new Govt soon

Kohima, October 9: Opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) on Tuesday exuded confidence of forming a new Government in the State soon.
NPF president Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu and opposition leader T R Zeliang today told the 3rd Central Executive Council meeting of the party that NPF will soon take over the Government in Nagaland.
Opposition leader T R Zeliang said, “NPF is the single largest political party in the State but merely staking claim to form the Government without stability would not be sustainable”.
Pooh-poohing the claims of ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) that out of the 26 NPF legislators, seven each are willing to join NDPP and BJP respectively, the former Chief Minister asserted that there is no division of any sort within the NPF.
On the alleged frequent moves by Zeliang to dethrone the NDPP-led PDA Government, Zeliang said, “The NPF Legislature Party has authorized me while the party has authorized our president to take decision on forming a coalition Government and any such decision would be a collective decision”.
“Coalition Government is possible anytime but we have to provide stable Government for development and progress and also work to achieve early solution to the vexed Indo-Naga political problem,” he said.
Appealing party workers and leaders to be cautious in their utterances on state political issues, Zeliang said “we will not form coalition Government unless and until we are confident of providing a stable Government, unlike the present PDA Government which is insecure from within to the extent that they are even scared of their own shadows”.
“We are not in a hurry because patience is the best medicine to achieve the target,” he said.
Zeliang went on to justify that the PDA Government is shaky because it had made several promises for good roads and developmental change, but seven months have elapsed and they are only undertaking the unfulfilled task of the previous NPF government.
“All the ongoing works of the Government are the achievements of the then NPF Government,” he claimed, adding that the PDA is only trying to fool the public with their false promises as they have not been able to bring any schemes within these seven months because they have even diverted the Rs 283 crore sanctioned during last Government for implementation of MGNREGA schemes.
The PDA Government having diverted the funds is unable to submit the Utilisation Certificate for more than Rs 300 crore because of which the Centre has stopped sanctioning funds meant under MGNREGA, he claimed.
The Opposition Leader also highlighted that present Government is not bothered about the State property including the Nagaland House Kolkata where State is getting only Rs 5 lakh instead of at least Rs 2.2 crore annual as rent for the 11 storeyed building. Within the State also, he said, it has allocated Millennium Hotel (State Tourist Resort) Kohima to NDPP secretary general Abu Metha at a mere Rs 15,000 per month and also Old DC Bungalow to party workers.
In this, Zeliang asked party workers to remain vigil on the misdoings and mis-governance of PDA and highlight it to the public.
“Let us not loss hope because even as we can’t specify on which day but very soon we will take over the Government,” Zeliang said while calling upon them to stand firmly with the leadership of the party.
PDA Govt uncomfortable: Shurho
In his presidential address, NPF president and former chief minister, Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu said that even though in opposition the party is happy because things have taken shape in its right perspective in due course of time towards building a strong foundation again.
He also lauded the NPF legislators for their performances in the recently concluded Assembly session. “You have done well and for which I congratulate you once again,” he said.
Expressing that NPF with 26 legislators in a 60 member House is the strongest opposition party in the ever in the State Assembly, Dr Liezietsu said there is no hurry (to form the government) but “the only thing one has to remain cautious is about the rumors spread by our political adversaries”.
“The NDPP-BJP team is running the Government. If they are only manufacturing wild rumors forgetting their various obligations, their commitment made to the people, their responsibilities of running a welfare Government, they are exposing their own true color and their stand that they are not comfortable,” he said.
In this he cited the example of NDPP statement published October 5 last wherein NDPP has said that “they were compelled to inform the people about the clandestine activities of T R Zeliang saying that he informed the BJP leaders that the term of the present NPF President Dr. Shurhozelle is coming to an end very soon and that a new leader would be elected as NPF President and thereafter the NPF will align with the BJP. Mr Zeliang assured cooperation to the BJP after the end of Dr Shurhozelse’s term citing the fact that the present NPF President was anti-BJP”.
Though this was a direct challenge for our parliamentary leader to counter with, one should not give importance to such baseless utterance,” he said. To this statement of NDPP, T R Zeliang in his speech asked the NDPP to make it public as to whom, when and where had he said so.
Further, Dr Liezietsu stated that anticipating to take over the Government sooner or later, the party is going ahead to reorganize and make necessary adjustment in the functioning of the party at all levels.
“We have issued directives to all our Divisions to review the present list of functionaries in the respective division as well as in frontal organizations,” he said, adding that most of the Divisions have completed the assignment satisfactorily except one or two Divisions where partial re-structuring was done beyond the limit of the directive through some dictation”.
Once this exercise is completed we will try to organize ‘workshop’ to familiarize party leaders at various levels about the background and history of NPF party and the policies and principles, Dr Liezietsu stated.
Chaired by NPF secretary general and lone Rajya Sabha member, K G Kenye the CEC meeting commenced with invocation by MLA Dr Ngangshi K Ao while welcome address was delivered by MLA CL John andex-Minister P Longon tendered the vote of thanks. (Page News Service)