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NPF condemns police assault on doctor; demands explanation from Patton


Dimapur, April 4: The Naga Peoples Front (NPF) has expressed concern over the high-handedness of some police personnel of the Special Task Force who allegedly assaulted one Dr Sezo Rote, Senior Medical Officer, Medziphema, and smashed his car near his house in Purana Bazar while he was returning from duty Friday night.
“It is very unfortunate that such incident took place while the whole State is reeling under the threat of virulent disease COVID-19 and relentlessly fighting hard 24/7. It is sad to learn that the police had bashed up the doctor even after he had identified himself. This is the height of arrogance and brutality of misfit personnel which is unacceptable in a decent police establishment,” it said while demanding the competent authority to immediately intervene and take to task those erring police personnel who failed to maintain politeness and close coordination with medical fraternity but tarnished the good image of the police department.
“It shows that there is no coordination between the various Government machineries who are supposed to be monitoring the situation without any communication gap,” it said and demanded an explanation from Home Minister, Y Patton.
The NPF also expressed surprised over PDA Government spokesperson, Minister Neiba Kronu appealing all the attendees of religious congregation at Nizamuddin at Delhi from Nagaland to voluntarily contact and report to the respective DCs, saying this “appealing voice of the Government” will cost the lives of Nagas greatly.
“Instead of tracking down the attendees immediately bring them under strict quarantine; the apathy attitude of State Government is highly questionable. It has been nearly two weeks now ever since the impact of the Nizamuddin gathering was brought to the notice of public domain and the PDA Government is still unable to give us concrete details of this matter is a matter of serious concern and showing inability of the Government in handling the present pandemicm” it said.
The NPF also expressed disappointment over the restriction purportedly imposed by police personnel on the movement of mediapersons on duty at Kohima who are exempted from restrictive order, “and are actively playing the important role of highlighting the development of COVID-19 to the general public.’
“Media fraternity should also be brought within the purview of frontline workers and that necessary incentives are given to them as people require daily updates of COVID-19,” it said.
The NPF also observed that in certain colonies, youth groups are voluntarily keeping vigil on the movement of people. It said while their services and contribution are highly notable and appreciable, but the party felt that they should equip themselves with all necessary medical kits while performing their duties and be polite and decent in their approach from all quarters so that everyone will be saved from this pandemic.
The NPF further appreciated the dedications of medical and police departments in carrying out their duties for safety of public health, and appealed to all stakeholders to have mutual understanding and extend all-out cooperation to effectively deal with the crisis especially during this crucial period under lockdown. (Page News Service)