NPF Central Youth Wing reacts to NDPP allegation


The Naga People’s Front, Central Youth Wing is constrained to issue this Press Communique on the following below for the clarity against the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) rhetoric accusation.
1. Every time an issue of importance is raised by the NPF Party, the NDPP Party without losing a moment, returns back to the qualification of TR Zeliang. This, as any sensible person would say, is a plain revelation that the Party lack courage and the willpower to face matters of public importance except for personal attacks. There is no logic behind their cheap drama and as a responsible Opposition Party and in the interest of the mainstream, the NPF Party will continue to raise substantial issues that requires the attention of the Government.
2. After the miserable defeats of its cronies in every Court of Law, right from the District Court to the High Court and then to the Supreme Court, the unceasing effort of the NDPP to bring back the issue in public domain is shrouded with clear signs of defeat, despair and depression. For what is there to come clean when the Court of Law in the Country has dismissed and cleared the qualification matter of Zeliang?
Pity is on the NDPP Party which in the absence of argument skills remains confined only to its personalized attacks on TR Zeliang despite many glaring problems that has gripped the State. While the affairs of the state are the subject of discussion, such personal matter being brought in public domain again and again is a dull and tasteless act.
3. The NDPP Party may like to recall how their leader Neiphiu Rio obtained a fake Certificate of BA Honours from Kohima College on a non-working Saturday, compelling the college authority to work on holiday, which is a clear case of fraud under IPC 420. Rio after obtaining the fake Certificate not only filed false affidavit but also enclosed the fake certificate with his nomination papers during the Lok-Sabha election, 2014. The tale is known to all but to reboot the memory of the NDPP Party, a summary of their leader Rio’s murky secret is recapped below:
Neiphiu Rio asked the Principal of Kohima College to issue a BA Honours Certificate following which he sent his Personal Secretary to collect the same on a non-working Saturday. Subsequently, the Principal of Kohima College directed the Vice-Principal to do the needful after which the Peon of the College was asked to open the office on a non-working day. All operational work was done, and the false Certificate was issued to Rio’s Personal Secretary without the functioning of any other staff in the office as the day was an off-day. Rio enclosed this fake Certificate in his nomination during the MP election along with affidavit mentioning his qualification as BA Honours. Later, when FIR was filed by some individual at North PS, Kohima, Rio accused his Personal Secretary for obtaining false Certificate and the Vice-Principal for issuing such false Certificate in his name and for which the Vice-Principal was asked to apologies publicly to cover up the wicked act of Rio. Rio’s Personal Secretary and the Vice-Principal of Kohima College took the trouble out of the way and at the end were disgraced publicly to save the face of Rio, who by all means is the undisputed imposter of all times. His sordid tales are many but the NPF Party do not intend to dwell on personalized attacks unless compelled to do so.
Today, Rio has invented one excuse after another to save his skin but the million-dollar question that still begs for an answer is: why did Rio file an affidavit of BA Honours in his nomination paper?
4. The NPF Party is open for open debate with the NDPP Party on the issue of qualification of both the leaders for clarity if NDPP desire to know what crime was committed by whom? In the case of TR Zeliang, neither was false Certificate submitted in any of the nomination for the last more than 30 years of various elections nor had he submitted any false Certificate to any other Office. On the other hand, Neiphiu Rio had filed his nomination papers with qualification as BA during past State-elections, but suddenly in 2014, he became a Graduate with Honours from Kohima College out of the blue. The record is available in the Office of the Chief Election Officer for all to see.
5. Why did NDPP avoid answering a pertinent question like why Nagaland Government did not receive MGNREG Fund while all other States in the Country had received the said Fund against the current Financial year? NDPP led PDA Government is hell-bent on making money out of the Funds already brought by the previous DAN Government and the NDPP Party should be ashamed of what they write and of what their Chief Minister is doing.
6. The Government has no concern for the people but to increase liabilities of the State as is evident by the huge deficit of the past 11 years rule of Rio even after the Fiscal Deficit of the State was waved off. While the State’s deficit increased, most of Rio’s coteries became millionaires out of corrupt practices. It is an open secret that these people are the ones running money-lending business in the State with exorbitant interest rates where many MLAs are trapped by debts.
Needless to say, we request the NDPP Party to go for issue-based politics and not remain forever mired with individual-politics.
Issued by: Press & Media Cell,
NPF Central Youth Wing,

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