Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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NPF attacking Govt on ‘non-issues’: NDPP

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‘Prerogative of any State Govt to levy taxes’

Dimapur, November 19: Reacting to NPF criticism over the recent hike in tax on petrol and diesel, the ruling NDPP has accused the opposition party of attacking the State Government over “non issues.”
“…it is uncalled for the NPF to resort to attacking the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the government over non issues and demand for roll backs on government decisions,” said a statement issued by the NDPP.
Opposition NPF has termed the Government’s decision to hike tax on fuels as “a cruel” and has demanded immediate rollback of the tax.
But the NDPP maintained that it is the prerogative of any State Government to levy taxes on goods and commodities as and when the need arises and “likewise there has been recent hike in prices on petrol, diesel and lubricants.”
“As has been clarified by the state finance department, it is not only Nagaland, but our neighbouring states have also undertaken similar exercises wherein, the Government of Nagaland has in fact fixed taxes at a lower percentage compared to the other NE states,” it claimed.
Reminding that even during the DAN regime “such increases on taxes on such products” were undertaken time and again, the NDPP termed it as absurd that the opposition NPF is training guns on the Chief Minister and the Government over normal Government functioning.
“For cash strapped state like Nagaland, where revenue generation is extremely low, such exercises taken up by the state government should in fact be welcomed,” it stated.
The statement went on to alleged that the NPF by attacking the Chief Minister have again exposed their ignorance on governance and how the State Government functions despite having been at the helm of affairs for 15 years.
Asking the opposition to realize that the people have mandated the NDPP led PDA Government to govern the State, the NDPP declared that the “people’s government” does not need the approval of the NPF to make its decisions.
The party welcomed the decision of the Government of Nagaland in increasing the tax levied on petrol, diesel and other lubricants and extended support to any initiative of the PDA Government that will help in increasing revenues for the State.
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