Thursday, August 5, 2021
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NPF asks NDPP to focus on governance


Dimapur November 20: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has accused the NDPP-led PDA Government of trying to break the NPF instead of governing the State.
“Instead of governing the State, the only focus of the present PDA Government led by NDPP is to break the lone opposition party workers and its Legislature Wing. The Naga public is the best judge that the NDPP leadership is still proud of revisiting the past crisis which was a creation of their leader instead of clarifying the issues raised by the NPF party,” the NPF said in a rejoinder to a NDPP statement.
The NPF said it expected a logistic approach from the NDPP to the loopholes pointed out by the opposition party and work for the welfare of the people while they are at the helms of affair. However, it lamented that the NDPP always goes “hammer and tongs” at the opposition for every positive criticism that it cannot digest.
“Or, does the ruling NDPP party expect the NPF party to stay mute spectator to the misdeeds of the Government?” it asked.
Admitting that the NPF led DAN-III Government had faced a tumultuous and war-like situation in the State, as pointed out by the NDPP, the NPF, however, claimed that despite all these challenging situations and political crisis in the party, the highest infrastructural developments took place in the State during its time, which is visible on the ground.
“The Naga public is not as blind as the NDPP statement, how the crisis and the worsening of the state situation was like during the DAN-III but it was created by none other than by an unscrupulous leader who had the money to pay off huge mob from within the party. There was only one opposition party, the Congress party then. The 8 Congress MLAs later joined the NPF party for the sake of Naga solution which ultimately made DAN-III an opposition-less Government. No names need to be mentioned but it goes without saying that several unusual crises were created within the party functionaries’ setup funded by a frustrated leader,” it alleged.
“No matter how bold the NDPP party is speaking today, their comfort zone of sitting in the Government chair may short lived. And the NPF party has no regret despite all these challenging situations and political crisis created by their master, the NPF party is for the Naga people and will be for the Naga people.”
The NPF also took a dig at the “achievement made by the NDPP in breaking other coalition partners”. It reminded that NPP and JDU were pre-poll alliance of NPF but immediately after election, NDPP managed to capture the MLAs of both the parties along with party workers. “Subsequently, after few months MLAs of both the parties merged with NDPP while the party functionaries were shunted out from Government and the PDA coalition. This is how NDPP leadership played their political game which is undemocratic and unbecoming,” it said.
“The usual game plan of present CM with the wisest policy of use and throw is visible to all,” it added. (Page News Service)