NPF alleges ‘favouritism’ in MNREGA fund allocation

NPF alleges ‘favouritism’ in MNREGA fund allocation

Dimapur, April 12: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has expressed dismay at what it alleged is the “brazen favouritism” of the PDA Government, while also vehemently condemning “the shameless act” of depriving the villagers their due share of funds from the Centre.
In a press release, the NPF said the DAN Government under former Chief Minister, TR Zeliang ensured the release of Rs 285 crores under MNREGA by Government of India, but the same could not be released to the Village Development Boards due to Election Model Code of Conduct. It alleged that today, the present Government under Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio has misused the Central fund by deducting high percentage instead of disbursing it to the VDBs for development.
The NPF also accused the new Principal Secretary of RD, Abeio Kire of implementing MNREGA programme “at his own whim and fancies” due to which the Department and VDBs are facing severe difficulties.
Informing that out of the total amount of Rs 285 cr, the PDA Government has released Rs 140 cr to the VDBs just recently, the NPF claimed that from the present release, Dimapur District was allocated Rs 13,24,11,351 out of which the normal total allocation for VDB, Nagarjan (Kuda) Village was Rs 10,73,800 for implementation of VDB schemes under MNREGA.
“But apart from this, the Principal Secretary, Rural development through his own discretion has allocated an additional amount of Rs. 1, 45,00,000 to his own village, Nagarjan (Kuda) Village taking the total amount to Rs. 1,55,71,800,” it alleged.
Claiming that no RD officers “dare to question the Principal Secretary lest they face unwanted consequences,” the NPF release wondered who had delegated financial power to the Principal Secretary, RD to allocate such huge amount to a single village. “And if this much is given to a single village what will be the fate of more than 200 villages in Dimapur District,” it asked.
“Is this not a clear-cut case of favoritism, nepotism and corruption? Is this ‘the change’ PDA Government is bringing to Nagaland,” asked the NPF.
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