NPF accuses PDA Govt of diverting funds

NPF accuses PDA Govt of diverting funds

Dimapur, March 29: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) has termed the PDA government’s claim of bringing funds from Centre to develop the state as ‘hollow and devoid of any basis’ and accused the government of redirecting the funds sanctioned by the earlier governments for maintenance and repair of roads at the whims and fancies of the Chief Minister to benefit his areas and cronies.
In a press release, the NPF Press Bureau stated that the earlier Government had accorded sanction for development/ repair/ maintain 17 road projects all over the State under Special Road Development Programme amounting to Rs 150 crore such as Naginimora-Tiru road, Zunheboto Town road, Longtoker village to Tuensang, Shamatore town road, drainage and road repair at Darogapathar (Dimapur), Thonoknyu to Waphur road (Noklak), Heningkunglwa to Kupunala road, construction of Niuland Bridge/ culvert, Peren-Tening-Nsong road etc among others. Most of these works have been completed and others on the verge of completion.
However, much to the chagrin of the public and the contractors (some of whom have volunteered to undertake the works on the request of the general public even without work orders since Model Code of Conduct came into effect then), the PDA Government had, on March 14, revised the projects and administrative approval for withdrawal of funds was reissued for other works such as Circular Road at Sovima, road and drainage at Seluophe, repair and maintenance of road at Razhaphe, circular road at Phesama, EAC HQ road at Botsa etc, the NPF claimed.
Stating that the NPF is in no way against any developmental activity anywhere in the State and wholeheartedly welcomes the PDA Government’s decision to develop areas where Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has his interests,
but it said instead of bringing additional funds from the Centre, the Government of the day has stooped so low as to divert funds earmarked for projects most of which have been completed and others nearing completion.
It also said that diversion of funds already sanctioned and approved by the department and duly cleared by the departments of Planning and Finance for projects in various districts and concentration of these funds for projects in one or two districts is totally unjustified, most despicable and in a very bad taste.
The NPF also asked the PDA Government to ensure that contractors of the projects completed and initiated by the earlier DAN Government are paid in full without any delay. (Page News Service)