Saturday, March 6, 2021
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NPF accuse NDPP of buying MLAs


Dimapur, June 26: With MLAs of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Alliance (PDA) slowly joining the NDPP (the major partner of the alliance), reducing the alliance partners from the initial 4 parties to two, the opposition Naga People’s Front (NPF) has accused the NDPP of poaching and horse-trading.
The NPF also speculated whether the Rs 735 crores drawn as additional fund during 2018-19, and for which the Chief Ministr has failed to give a detailed account, is being used “to nudge the MLAs to shift loyalty and merge with his party.”
At the time of the PDA Government formation, the PDA had 34 elected members out of 60 in the assembly: NDPP – 18, BJP – 12, NPP – 2, JDU – 1 and Independent – 1. But on June 24, the lone JDU MLA in the PDA Government, Kaito Aye, Minister, defectedtto NDPP. The two National People’s Party (NPP) MLAs had earlier joined the NDPP. With these political developments, the PDA Government is now left with NDPP – 21, BJP – 12 and Independent – 1.
The NDPP is also supported by 7 rebel NPF MLAs.
Cautioning the BJP of the “immoral political tactics” of chief minister Neiphiu Rio, the NPF in a statement reminded the BJP of the year 2003 when the BJP was “washed off” in Nagaland when Rio was at the helm of the NPF party.
“The hunger for power is overwhelming and the means used to achieve the same by means of money and muscle power is an indelible blot and a bad precedent set for the present and the future generations of the Nagas,” it said.
“As if enough immorality hasn’t been committed by the Rio’s NDPP, with 34 members in the PDA government, the merger of the 2 NPP MLAs and now the lone JDU MLA into NDPP only goes to prove that Rio would stop at nothing and care for no one to achieve his selfish goals.”
The NPF also dismissed the claims of the JDU MLA, and the NPP MLAs when they joined the NDPP that they did it to strengthen the PDA Government.
“As the two parties MLAs were the constituent of the PDA Government even before their merger with the NDPP and now merging to strengthen the PDA Government is beyond comprehension,” it said.
Speculating whether the Rs 735 crores drawn as additional fund during 2018-19 is being used “to nudge the MLAs to shift loyalty and merge with his party,” the NPF said, “One is made to wonder as to what the Chief Minister of Nagaland had done with the 735 crores of rupees during the year 2018-19. We could only speculate that the gigantic amount might have been used to nudge the MLAs to shift loyalty and merge with his party and continue poaching and horse-trading unabated,” it alleged.
Appealing to the people of Nagaland to speak against “the sinister activities”, lest a select few unscrupulous persons rain down devastating repercussions in the long run by creating more and more liabilities to the State exchequer, the NPF added, “The alleged money spent on buying loyalties of the MLAs is only for the convenience of one single party at the expense of the Naga People is questionable and condemnable by one and all.” (Page News Service)