Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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NPCC welcomes Governor Ravi


Dimapur, August 2: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has welcomed Governor RN Ravi to the State and wished him the best in his new assignment.
In a press release, NPCC president, K Therie said Naga people are expecting justice, equality, one tax one government and a corruption free Government from the new Governor.
“If I were him, I would have insisted to allow me to resolve the political problem first and then think of coming to Nagaland. However, maybe he is wiser than me and has a better plan. We will wait and see,” said Therie.
Stating that the Governor is not new to Nagaland and the developing situations, the NPCC said Ravi knows ceasefire agreements are above the Constitution of India and today there are 10 governments in Nagaland “governing and extorting people” while having no activity on the development front.
“He (Ravi) was negotiating with them and knows every one better than many Nagas. He also knows all groups are united in the objectives. He further knows the suffering and aspirations of the people who are yearning for peace, development and opportunities to earn.
“Now, in his changed position as the head of the State under the Constitution of India, he will be enforcing the law of the land. We shall look forward to him for justice, equality, one tax one government and a corruption free Government,” he said.
The NPCC president also appealed to the Governor not to look at the Nagas and opposition as enemies but to consider them as constructive participants in the democratic process of forming a democratic government. (Page News Service)