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NPCC submits Memorandum to Governor; Demands rollback of price hikes, CED, VAT

NPCC team
NPCC team after submitting the Memorandum to the Governor of Nagaland through his Commissioner & Secretary on July 16, 2021.

KOHIMA, JULY 16: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has demanded rollback in the prices of fuels and Value Added Taxes in the State. In this regard, the NPCC today submitted a memorandum to the Governor of Nagaland
Through the memorandum, NPCC demanded for a rollback on the Centre Excise Duty to 2014 bench line, State Value Added Tax to 2014 bench line, LPG price to 2014 bench line and SK Oil to 2014 bench line. General Secretary NPCC, Captain GK Zhimomi informed that back then the price of Petrol was Rs.71, Rs.52 for Diesel and Rs.483 for LPG.

Over the course of the week, the NPCC has garnered 1,777 signatories through online and 7600 offline signatories in the signature campaign against the hike in fuel price, he added.
Stating that the Government has hiked fuel prices on over 35 occasions and in more than 200 cities with prices of petrol crossing Rs.100, all districts in Nagaland have seen the price of petrol crossing Rs. 100, it said in the memorandum.
The imposition of high excise duties both on petrol and diesel by the Union Government has resulted in the rise in the price of edible oils which have nearly doubled in the last 6 months and prices of pulses have also seen an unprecedented rise.
With the daily increase of fuel prices at an all time high and with the lockdown in place, the prices of essential commodities have soared to an unbearable level for the common people, it said in the memorandum.
It has become very unreasonable and has affected common people’s lives because the hike in fuel price is also reflected in other essential commodities.
“In addition to the rise in fuel price, the Nagaland State Government has lost control over the price of other essential commodities”, stated NPCC President, K Therie.

“There are no regulations over any charges, be it legal or illegal. Wherever we go, we have to pay for parking, road tax and transportation tax”, he added.
Therie further stated that people in Nagaland are paying more than 100% as compared to what the neighbouring States are paying.
He also said that Naga people are paying hundreds of associations, labour unions and many illegal and legal collections.
“I’m told, after entering Nagaland Gate, outfits based out of Assam are also collecting tax and the State Government is not doing anything about it”, Therie stated.
Therie also ridiculed the inaction of the State Government in regulating the unprecedented price rise in essential commodities by stating “The State Government has abdicated its responsibility towards checking price rise ever since it adopted the policy to actively facilitate and support collection of illegal taxes by Naga National Workers.”
Later addressing a Press Conference at Congress Bhavan, Kohima, after submitting the memorandum to the Governor of Nagaland on the unreasonable fuel price hike in the State on July 16, Therie said, “The inaction of the State Government is no less than funding terrorism and to starve its own people”.

Questioning the logic behind the rationale of the State Government in setting up a Core Committee when talks on Naga Political Issue have concluded, he asked “Why the State Government of Nagaland wasting the time and money of the people?”
He also said that when the Governor of Nagaland has said that the talks on Naga Political Issue have concluded, the Chief Minister is expected to implore the Governor to implement it and it will be done. “However, they are setting up Core Committees and Joint Legislators Forum to delay, to save their chairs, to please Muivah and the NSCN-IM”, adding “… but the State Government is not afraid of Nagas, they are afraid of NSCN-IM.”
Stating that the 16-Point Agreement was managed in 3 meetings, 9-Point Agreement was achieved through a single meeting, Therie said “Negotiation doesn’t need 24 years.”
“I feel that the State Government does not want any solution, they are only protecting their chairs”, he added.
Apart from the demands made through a memorandum on the rollback of duties on various commodities, Therie also informed that they have requested for a constitution of an independent Commission/Committee headed by a Judge of a High Court in order to streamline the price of essential commodities by making comparisons with the existing rates in the neighbouring States and apply the same in the State.

Also, a request was made to the Governor to constitute a High Powered Committee to regulate and enforce Societies Registration Act and Labour Law so that associations, Unions and various organizations do not collect money in the form of tax, fees and donations which are affecting the price of essential commodities.
“While we support any societies that exist for the welfare of the people, any societies that are detrimental to the society must be addressed by the Government in order to prove their existence”, he added.
Pointing out that not even a single pothole is being repaired by the organizations which collect illegal taxes, Therie implore that “Every coin that is collected from the public should be subject to auditing.”
No act of the Parliament has allowed that without passing a Bill, no amount of money can be collected from the citizen and no authority can justify collection of money in any form, he added.
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