Sunday, May 9, 2021
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NPCC slams Tongpang’s statement

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Dimapur, May 1: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has slammed State Housing Minister Tongpang Ozukum’s statement that “Nagas cannot survive alone”, terming it as an insult to Nagaland.

“In political terms, it is a confession of weakness and expression of inferiority and submission,” said NPCC president K Therie in a press release.
Stating that Nagas have lived alone for many centuries, he said every village was ruled by its village chief and Nagas have history of honour and bravery. “Fear was not known even at the mouth of death. For the honest confession, the last hanging was in 1931 at Kohima local ground and the last head hunted was in 1957 under an un-administered area, presently in Nagaland.”
“We are all aware that sensing the British were about to set India free, our fore fathers moved for a separate entity through the famous Naga Hill Memorandum because of our inherent properties of religion, culture, customs, social practices and usage of land.”
“We have protected our sovereignty against the invasion of the Manipur Maharaja’s army, by a collective Village warrior force of Nagas living in Southern Nagaland. That was the reason Khezhanuo was collected as a token of unity and appreciation once in a year. The tribute was only a token of recognition and was not fixed. We have no history that our villages were conquered by any Kingdom. We have lived alone for generations. And we have never depended on anyone. The British ruled over us mostly to prevent head hunting and inter-village warfare,” he said.
Therie said, “The statement of Shri Tongpang “Nagas cannot survive alone” whether he means without India or without neighbours, whatever he may have in his mind, is wrong.”

Stating that the Minister has insulted the people of Nagaland particularly our ancestors to whom we owe all that we have today, Therie said the Minister does not deserve to enjoy the fruit of our ancestors who have given their lives, wealth and health for which we have sovereign state.
“If this is the mindset of NDPP, Nagaland has no future with them,” he added. (page News Service)