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NPCC slams Govt. for failure to improve power supply in State

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DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 11: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has slammed the State Government over its failure to improve power supply in the State.
“When other cities and States are able to provide uninterrupted power supply, why cannot the State think of doing it? We are not weaker in engineering nor are we weaker in funding. We only need political will to do it”, said NPCC president K Therie in a press release.

He lamented that in Nagaland today power supply cannot withstand even the slightest wind or rain. There is no day in which power supply was uninterrupted, he said.
According to the NPCC president, generation or load shedding from grid is not the problem plaguing the power situation in the State.
“State requires hardly 200 MW for another decade to come. Although there will be an increment every year, perhaps 10-15MW. We have rivers that can generate enough. State has decided to set up Thermal Power Station and has bought land 20 years back. Setting up 100MW Thermal power hardly requires 18 months. The problem is extortion camps. Any big project or industry in the State results in extortion camps being immediately set up. I am speaking from experience as Minister Power. We have struggled hard to commission Likhimro Hydro Project and NEPCO Doyang Hydro Project”, he said.
Therie said the other major problem is transmission and distribution lines. He claimed that despite heavy funding from the nation in the transmission and distribution most of transformers are overloaded while poles and tension wires breakdown due to non replacement. “In almost all the sub-stations, cutouts and other accessories malfunction due to frequent breakdown and reconnections. There is also huge corruption in material supplies”, he alleged.
On the State Government claim that it pays Rs 300 crores for power purchase and collects hardly Rs 150 crores from consumers – a shortfall of 50%, Therie said this should not happen “as the sale price per unit is perhaps double of purchase price or more to include loss in transmission and distribution.”

“If online bills are paid to Treasury under separate head, I do not believe revenue generation should be just 50% of the power purchase”, he stated.
Therie, however, expressed confidence in the State Power Department to improve “provided they get the support of political will”.
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