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NPCC slams Assembly resolution on Naga political issue

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Resolution lacks political will to implement solution: Therie

Dimapur, February 20: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has slammed the resolution of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly on Naga political issue, terming it as an expression of lack of political will to implement political solution.

“Its intent to delay is crystal clear. The State Assembly has failed to understand the contents of the Agreements signed on 3rd August 2015 and agreed position reached on 17th Nov 2017, as they did not read word by word and line by line to understand the impact upon the stakeholders they represent. Therefore, they have no suggestion for solution,” said NPCC president K Therie in a press release.
The NPCC said the Nagaland Governor could not find support from the State Assembly “as the resolution is an expression of mistrust of the Governor’s statement that “talks have concluded”.
“The solution is just one step away from us. Had the resolution pressed for implementation of solution giving support to the Governor and Interlocutor, the solution was bound to be implemented,” it stated.
The State Congress party also stated that the resolution is illogical in urging the Interlocutor to talk again after “talks have concluded”.
“What will they talk? We all know that GOI has made it loud and clear on what is negotiable and what is not negotiable. After 23 years of negotiation they have at least made clear what is givable and what is not givable. The stakeholders have also made clear what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to the Interlocutor. In negotiation, bargaining and some disagreements are normal. There is nothing wrong to agree to disagree on some issues to allow time to heal,” said Therie.
Quoting former Prime Minister of India, late PV Narasimha Rao who had on February 22, 1996 said at Dimapur, “If you want peace, it has to grow in your heart. I can give you development but I cannot grow peace in your heart,” the Congress party said the late PM’s statement is relevant as “we cannot underestimate neighbour of Nagas for they are capable and are more efficient in making self determination.”
Stating that the Political Affairs Committee of NPCC has read the 213th Report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Union Home Affairs and has also examined the Framework Agreement in depth, the NPCC said the interpretation is not difficult as political agreements are all done keeping in mind the Constitution.
“We have also read the agreed positions between GOI and NNPGs. Since we are not players and cannot amend the agreements, we have examined from the angle of political and economic impacts,” it said, adding the above agreements proposes the existing political structures will be improved by way of increasing seats in Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha, State Assembly and creation of Upper House; and to strengthen and improve structures for all round growth; resettlement schemes and economic packages.

“Considering the present format of agreements and agreed positions, Congress expects the impacts will be beneficial to the stakeholders. We have therefore taken up with AICC for support in Parliament,” he informed.
On the Assembly resolution, Therie said it has shamed Naga way of life. “The resolution is against the wish and aspirations of the people. It is anti-people. Tribal Hohos, NGBF, Churches and NGOs have stood upright like our ancestors. They have expressed what is acceptable and rejected what is not acceptable without fear and prejudice. Congress stands with the stakeholders,” it added. (Page News Service)