Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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NPCC on Basu Damani’s clarification

The attention of NPCC is drawn to a clarification issued by one Basu Damani that appeared in local dailies on 19th April regarding his Quarantine status. While we have generally refrained from targeting individuals, the person in question has not only insulted the intelligence of the people of Nagaland by his contradictory clarification but has also endangered countless lives by flouting medical advice on quarantine period.

Mr Damani by his own admission puts his arrival at Dimapur on 23rd March and reported to health authorities on 2nd April. He got discharged on 4th April on receiving negative report as well as completing 14 days according to his interpretation. Unless the month of March has 33 days, counting 14 days from 23rd Mar to 4th April is ridiculous. Govt rules say, 14 days quarantine from the date of arrival and here the person concerned is making his own calculation to save his skin.

According to papers available in public domain, both the ‘Release Report’ and ‘Post Test Advice’ signed on 4th April clearly mentions, ‘Home Quarantine for another 14 days’ while the other also mentions, ‘Home Quarantine for 14 days more.’ Mr Damani should not feign ignorance of medical advice written in plain simple English. He has deliberately broken his quarantine period by stepping out on 11th April where he was seen feeding needy public in the august company of a minister and an MLA at a function organized by one political party.

With Mr Damani’s clarification, it is amply clear that he is making his own interpretation of quarantine period disregarding medical advice and also blaming govt health officials for the lapses. It is also a fact to be noted that citizens making their own interpretations of rules cannot override the duly established rules notified by the government.

Since these are extraordinary time when the very existence of mankind is under grave threat, NPCC strongly demands that the concerned government authorities take cognizance of this serious lapse that has occurred and take necessary action as per the relevant sections of law without fear or favour.

Issued by: Communication Dept, NPCC