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NPCC launches Bharat Jodo Yatra

Bharat Jodo

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 19: Commemorating the 105th birth anniversary of former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi on Saturday, the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) launched Bharat Jodo Yatra from Dimapur’s DC Court junction with the slogan, “Save Nagaland Save Nation”.
The Yatra covered a distance of approximately 18 km and culminated at Chumoukedima Gate-I.
Launching the yatra at a brief function at DC Court junction, NPCC President K Therie said that they are launching the Nagaland leg of Bharat Jodo Yatra today to save the nation and to save Nagaland from the hands of “goons, rapists and terrorism”.
“We are already in the battle against goons, rapists and terrorism. If we don’t fight to survive, I think, one must admit that it has become ‘survival of the fittest'”, he said.
Alleging that the BJP Government has imposed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) to submerge the identity and faith of the people, the NPCC President said that the Government has officially launched the Uniform Civil Code to seek the agenda and propaganda of Hindutva in India.
“As a society, as a Naga, our ethnic values are different, our religion, our faith, our customs are different…we cannot be submerged and we shall not allow to be submerged in the ocean of Hindutva”, he stressed.
Stating that it is a battle for everyone to fight, Therie said, “The battle is already there, if you don’t recognize the battle, I think we are going to finish ourselves…those people who are facilitating Hindutva, those people who are persecuting Christians, Muslims and Minorities, should not be allowed to live in Nagaland.”
He further said Nagas have never fought against any religion, but have lived with Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, etc and were happy before the BJP came in the systems of Nagas’ lives.
He said if one talks about secular democratic system, one can really find secularism and socialism in Nagaland. “We must preserve, defend and protest our culture, customs and never submit to this Hindutva, where they are using terrorists, rapists, goons, etc,” he added.
The NPCC president said Nagas have been able to stand against all odds for the last many years and this time they should fight.
He appealed to Nagas in the BJP and NDPP, who are facilitating the BJP in Nagaland to realize and withdraw themselves in the interest of the identity, customs, culture and ethnic values of the Nagas.
As they began their yatra, Therie appealed to the general public to join hands in the battle against communalism, prosecution of Minorities, Christians, Muslims and stand up to save Nagaland.
He also appealed to the citizens of Nagaland to move forward and not to have fear, but stand up for the people and save Nagaland.
At the end of the yatra at Chumoukedima, Therie thanked the coordinators of Bharat Jodo Yatra for calling the attention to wake up for change.
On the Naga political issue, the NPCC President said that there is no solution even after 30 years of negotiation. He said if they had the will to implement, it would have been implemented.
He also said that the Congress is willing to do it, if an opportunity is given to them.
AICC Secretary in-charge of Sikkim and Nagaland, Ranajit Mukheree said that the day is historic as Rahul Gandhi is walking 3570 km from Kanyakumari to Kashmir to unite India.
He alleged that India has been deliberately divided by community, caste, creed and religion by those who are in politics with one motive to make the majority feel superior to the minority communities and use the agenda of fear.
In this regard, he called upon the people to unite even in Nagaland to save the State for development of better roads, institutions, electricity facilities and not to believe in the ideologies of Hidutva.
The Yatra stopped at Super Market, 4th Mile, Agri Expo and ended at Chumoukedima Gate 1.
Several Congress leaders delivered short speeches at these locations.
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