NPCC disapproves Tharoor’s remarks

NPCC disapproves Tharoor’s remarks

Dimapur, August 7: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today disapproved Dr Shashi Tharoor’s fleeting reference to Naga headgear during a seminar at Kerala.
However, it termed as unfortunate that the BJP chose to ignore the bigger issue raised by Dr Tharoor against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“The concern shown by BJP Ministers and central leaders, followed by our Hon’ble CM and some of his cabinet colleagues in trying to extract maximum political mileage is understandable but equal concern should be shown to the plight of the Nagas reeling under miserable existence owing to 16 years of misrule perpetrated by the same set of leaders,” a press release issued by NPCC media cell stated.
The NPCC said “the hyper activism of BJP and their paid cohorts will not wash away the sins of the state government that is fully responsible for the current state of crumbling infrastructure and a myriad of socio-economic problems in which there seems to be no permanent solution but a knee jerk reaction to every situation at hand.”
It further said the state government should deliver rather than indulge in “cherry picking” at the behest of its “communal masters in Delhi whose sinister agenda is slowly throttling the nation and its people.”
(Page News Service)