Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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NPCC celebrates 75th birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi


India going through a turbulent phase: Bordoloi

Dimapur, August 21: Congress Lok Sabha MP from Assam and AICC Secretary, in-charge of Nagaland, Pradyut Bordoloi today said that India is going through a turbulent phase, adding the present political dispensations with their brute majoritarianism are trying to destabilize the nation
India is at its darkest phase, he said.
Speaking at the celebration of 75th Birth Anniversary of former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi at DCC office here, Bordoloi said, “Today RSS is claiming its hindutava majority might in India, but they had no role in the freedom struggle rather they were the collaborators of the British and tried to suppress the freedom movement. RSS is the driving force of BJP. They need Akhand Bharat- which means that there should be one India, one religion and one language” and added that in Nagaland people have joined BJP and are supporting the RSS ideologies.
He said that after getting this brute majority, they are trying to change the basic features of the constitution.
“We protested vehemently in the Parliament against abrogating Article 370 unilaterally without consulting the people of Jammu and Kashmir. We protested but failed to stop the passage of the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A. President Rule was imposed in the state. The Governor is the stooge of the Modi dispensation and a mere rubber stamp”, he echoed.
National media, he said, are in the pockets of Modi and Shah. They will do so such in Nagaland and it cannot be ruled out and also questioned, “Before Amit Shah and RSS companies, what the Nagas can do to safeguards their rights”
President Rule will be imposed in Nagaland and the state bifurcated like what they did in Jammu and Kashmir, he said.
Paying tributes to late Rajiv Gandhi, he stated that it was Rajiv Gandhi who took the initiative to decentralize power from the centre to the grass root level by bringing in the Panchayat Raj Act in 1993. “Today it is the megalomaniac of a person trying to destabilize everything in India”, he blasted on Modi.
The Congress MP lambasted Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio stating that, “Rio will not speak a word against Modi and the BJP, even though his government is being fully controlled by them. They are throttling Rio and Rio is even unable to speak”.
He said “Rajiv Gandhi wanted to see India progressing rapidly. Before 1978 there were no software exports from India but under his direction, India laid the foundation of the software exports to the world. He foresaw it, he saw the vision and so India is respected the world over”.
He quoted Rajiv Gandhi’s vision stating that India will attain its super power status not by any other means but because of its knowledge.
“Rajiv actually gave a road map to India and till his death he tried to lead India ahead. He prepared the grounds for the development and we all are enjoying the fruits sown by him. Had he been alive, more development would had taken place, he lamented.
NPCC President K Therie paying glowing tributes to Rajiv Gandhi said that from 1984 till May 20, 1991 he served the nation and his life was brutally taken away. He said, “We are celebrating his 75th birth anniversary. Had he been alive he would had taken the Nation forward. We are able to progress due to his efforts. Rather the present government is taking us back to the Ramayana Ages”.
Therie said, “As delegate of NPCC, we requested him to offer peace talks to the Naga revolutionary movements without precondition, he announced the offer of peace talks between Naga insurgent groups and Government of India without pre conditions.”
On Nagaland, Therie said, “Nagas are not concerned. The rates of Nagaland MLAs have shot up at the peak level and Neiphiu Rio has to keep on purchasing them” and added that, “Rio is one of the most uncomfortable person in the state. We are in the opposition but we are peaceful but he is the most peace less man in the state”, and added that anytime Article 371 (A) will be revoked.
Speaking on the occasion as a mark of tribute, working president, NPCC, Bobby Panicker stated that he was lucky to be associated with late Rajiv Gandhi on many occasions. The senior Congress leader said, “After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, it was Rajiv Gandhi who was consoling us. Instead of we consoling him on the death of his mother he was consoling us. His mother’s dead body was still lying in the AIIMS. He sent back all the leaders back to their respective states to control the situations”.
He lamented that Rajiv Gandhi was falsely accused of instigating the 1984 anti Sikh riot in Delhi.
As chairperson of the programme, General Secretary, NPCC Capt. GK Zhimomi said had Rajiv Gandhi been alive today he would have been 75 years old and a more matured leader developing the nation.
“We missed a great soul; we have seen a life of 1000 years because of Rajiv Gandhi’s far sighted vision”, he said.
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