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NPCC blames regional Govt. for liquor mafias in State

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, MARCH 1: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) today squarely blamed the regional Government under the present leaderships for deliberately allowing mafias to supply alcohol all over the state.
In a press release, NPCC president K Therie stated that the Government of the day has admitted that NLTP Act has failed even as everyone is opposing the lifting of the Act.
“Regional Government under the present leaderships have been thinking for long to lift the Act. Therefore, perhaps they have deliberately allowed mafias to supply alcohol all over the State. These mafias have an established system of transportation in connivance with all gates. They supply in terms of truckloads”, Therie said adding, it is the small entrepreneurs who are doing it for their livelihood who are caught and their economy crashed.
He said for the liquor caught inside the State, if the Government tracks back through the gates and on all those who are on duty and have facilitated its transport, will prove that they are in connivance.
The NPCC president said the objective of NLTP is not only to cancel permits and transportation but more important to stop the madness of alcohol addicts which destroys personal health, future, family, children, society and economy.
He said if opportunity is given, Congress will correct addicts through reformatory schools and rehabilitation centres.
“We need decent and disciplined living with responsibilities. Children 18 years and above should earn their daily needs. They should not depend upon old parents. Irresponsible children kill their parents through mental torture”, he stated.
The NPCC said there is a greater threat of drugs and alleged that the BJP appears to be friendly with drugs.
Stating that drugs are caught many a time and mostly in Gujarat, the NPCC president cited a report where 3000 kgs of heroin was caught at Adani Group owned Mundra Port in Gujarat which was estimated at a value of Rs 23,000 crores.
“If you cannot win them, drug them, may be their plan and perhaps they are successful in Punjab. The other target will be minorities. We cannot ignore the danger”, he added.
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