Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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NPCC bats for women leadership in politics

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Dimapur, March 7: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has called upon women in Nagaland to rise and take up common issues confronting the society for a better Nagaland.

In a press release issued today on the eve of International Women’s Day, NPCC president K Therie while commenting on this year’s theme “Women leadership for an equal future” lamented that Nagaland is over a century behind to realize the values and virtues of women “although we enjoy and live out of Mother’s love that has no bounds.”
“In my personal assessment and perception, to achieve the objective of the year, there is need to reach Nagaland’s women with education on the concepts of democratic governing. Take them out from the idea of a domestic prison to an era of independent thinking. Enable them to make the right choices and restrain the wrongs. Democracy is not personal law or customary. It is for the welfare of the people, community and for public interest. To achieve these goals women should mobilise the 50% of women voters that are already enlisted in the Electoral Roll. The easiest way to mobilise is to agree with the common issues that are confronting and impacting society,” he said.
Observing that women in Nagaland avoid public meetings and also stay away from participating in discussions, Therie maintained that as long as women do not identify issues of common interest and come out to participate in political parties and consciously vote in the process of election, they will continue to be left behind although it is unintended.
“Women leaders are successful in the nation and the world. In my consideration, women leadership has produced more balanced ruling.”

“Politics is to facilitate, comfort and administrate. Politics needs Mother’s love that has no equal. Good politics is minus ego, arrogance and selfishness and I find these virtues are mostly natural with women,” he said while wishing that all women in the State rise and take up common issues for a better Nagaland. (Page News Service)