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NPCC asks Dimapurians to stand up for road construction

Congress protest bad roads
Congress leaders marching on G S Road Dimapur protesting bad road condition.

Appeals to business community not to pay taxes to State Govt. if roads not repaired by Dec 31

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 25: Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) President K Therie on Monday asked the people of Dimapur to stand up for the construction of the roads in the city and appealed to the business community not to pay taxes to the State Government if the roads are not repaired by December 31 this year.

Speaking during a protest organized by Dimapur District Congress Committee and NPCC Minority Department, supported by the frontals of NPCC against the bad roads, particularly the GS Road till Dhobinala Junction, he said that Dimapur, which contributes maximum to the revenue of the State, must not be given step-motherly treatment and ignored.
He said if the Government desires, the roads can be prepared within two nights, and yet, despite 18 years of rule by regional parties in the State, the particular stretch of road has not even been black-topped.
Saying that prior to the elections flyovers were promised to the people of Dimapur but the State Government couldn’t even repair potholes, the NPCC President said that Dimapur has no parking space like other cities, there are no roads, no law and order in the city, and no Government.
Asking people to think of bringing change, he said that Congress had changed States like Assam and Manipur and under Tarun Gogoi as Chief Minister of Assam Guwahati was rapidly developed and now the BJP Government there only collects tolls.
The NPCC president also criticized the Government for not being able to control and curb illegal taxation in Dimapur. He said there are 9 ceasefire monitoring cells in Dimapur and all factions are collecting taxes.
He said the Government even cannot control 40-50 Association who collect money in Dimapur district.
Several other Congress leaders also spoke during the protest.
Meanwhile, in a memorandum addressed to the Dimapur Deputy Commissioner, which was submitted to ADC today, the Dimapur District Congress Committee (DDCC) demanded immediate repair of the road from Dillai Gate-PWD Road-Midland-GS Road-Station Road-Tragopan Junction totaling 6.8 km.
It stated the said road being a National Highway has remained in the most deplorable condition for the past decades with no maintenance or repairs being conducted for over decades.

The DCC stated that air pollution from the dusty roads during dry season and collection of dirty water in the huge potholes mixed with overflowing drains during monsoon, have been causing constant and serious health hazard to the business community and residents of the area.
It said that the said stretch of road has most of the wholesale and retail market including all food grains, vegetables, fruits, medicines and public transport and from this area goods reach the remotest parts of the state.
If there is any prioritization of road in the State, the said road should have been at the top of the priority, the DCC stated.
The DDCC also conducted a signature campaign for the said road from the general public and submitted a copy to the Additional Deputy Commissioner.
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