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NPCC appeals to ENPO to rethink statehood demand

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 1: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC), while extending greetings to the people of Nagaland on the occasion of 60th Statehood Day, appealed to the ENPO to rethink on their demand for Frontier Nagaland state.
Assuring justice and equality, the Congress also assured the ENPO special attention given an opportunity.
It also appealed to Naga national workers to conclude the negotiation in order to develop the State and create jobs.
“We appeal to the people to vote for the ‘change you want to see and feel'”, it stated in a press release.
The NPCC stated that statehood continues to face resistance and was not allowed to fully utilize its authority and resources to develop Nagaland State and today it remains without Medical Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Industries and State’s infrastructures are at the lowest among the States.
“We are the 16th State in the Nation but have remained at the bottom in development”, the NPCC stated, adding, “What we have gained in 25 years of negotiation is corruption”.
Stating that corruption has reached its ultimate, the NPCC said there is no project that ends without cuts of multi-commissions.
It alleged that Village Councils and VDB are forced to sign Blank cheques by RD to draw whatever amount they want from the accounts of the villages and even pensioners have to pay commission to receive their due.
“Nepotism, bias, and ill-will are found in almost all the Government appointments and orders. They don’t fear anymore the wrath of God in pursuit of selfish”, it added.
The NPCC expressed apprehension that in the 60th year, Nagaland may disintegrate and may finally land in the same situation as J&K.
It further expressed shock that the 60 MLAs have no concern for the integrity of the State they represent. (Page News Service)