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NPCC accuses Amit Shah of “misleading the nation”

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 8: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has accused Union Home Minister Amit Shah of “misleading the nation” when he claimed that “the pickup truck refused to stop” while making a statement in Parliament on the Oting killings.

“Union Home Minister Amit Shah has admitted in Parliament that it was a case of mistaken identity for which we have lost 14 precious lives. UHM intended to escape from the glaring truth by alleging that the pickup truck refused to stop. The statement is uncalled for and a brazen attempt to mislead the nation”, said NPCC president K Therie in a press release.
“…it was alleged the pickup truck with 8 occupants comprising of mining laborers travelling home to Oting village, refused to stop when signaled and attempted to speed away. However, the survivor accounts that there was no signal given to stop the vehicle but rather they were fired upon indiscriminately without any warning. Moreover, the ambush was laid in a stretch of road which is a kucha dirt road with no avenue to “speed away””, he claimed.
The NPCC informed that the driver of the pickup truck was also its owner and owns a Backhoe in the mines. “He is a small contractor and a peaceful civilian. The remaining occupants were all working as laborers in the mines”, he said.
On the claim that the Oting killings “was a case of mistaken identity”, the NPCC demanded that the authorities should spell out who they were looking for “when the entire resistant Naga forces have signed Ceasefires with GoI and the only remaining are the unarmed civilians. We would like to hear from the Hon’ble UHM.”
On the allegation that the 21 Para (SF) based at Jorhat massacred the 13 at Tiru valley on December 4, the NPCC maintained that since law and order is a State subject, the intelligence report should first be in the knowledge of the Chief Minister and Home Minister of Nagaland.
“Therefore, the operation was conducted with the permission of Hon’ble CM. If not, the Government should identify who authorized the 21 Para (SF)”, it said, while demanding that the culprits must be arrested without any further delay “for their brazen attempts to cover up the massacre”.
Stating that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), 1958, was imposed in 1958 by Government of India and has been extended from time to time, the NPCC claimed that on no occasion has the State Government adopted or invoked the Act.

“Prior to ceasefire, we have lost thousands of lives and also many politicians were assassinated and attempted upon. When we have resisted before GoI, they have always answered that this is for the safety and security of the people albeit never mentioning integrity. We have not been able to cite peaceful situation in support of our claim. Even after Ceasefire, regional political party led by Shri N Rio at the helm of affairs for 18 years could not take up seriously. After the most unfortunate loss of 14 precious lives, he has now demanded repeal of AFSPA 1958”, he said.
The NPCC stated that since all the factions are under ceasefire agreements and negotiations have concluded, there is no further requirement of AFSPA 1958. “There is no longer any justification as to why the AFSPA 1958 should continue and therefore should be repealed immediately”, it added.
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