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NPC never hijacked the Naga issue: Jamir

Jamir FCAI
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KOHIMA, DECEMBER 2: Former Nagaland Chief Minister Dr SC Jamir on Wednesday dismissed the statement of the NSCN (IM) that the Naga Peoples’ Convention (NPC) had hijacked the Naga issue without the concern of bona fide freedom fighters.

Without naming NSCN (IM), Jamir, who is the only surviving signatories of the 16-Point Agreement, said it was the NPC that had rescued and redeemed the Naga people who were wandering in the wilderness with chaotic condition and hardships, reported the NEPS.
They should know the difference between redemption and hijacking, Jamir told the NEPS at his residence on Wednesday.
“The NPC had never hijacked the Naga issue,” he stated.
Jamir recalled how the Naga people had been enduring the hardships unknown, unheard, uncared and unrecognized by any other people. And yet, the indomitable spirit of the Naga people could withstand the onslaught of all these adverse circumstances, he said.
He narrated that it was definitely divine intervention that God Almighty focused attention on the apple of His eyes on his children, the Naga people. Having seen the plight of the people, God steered the minds and souls of enlightened Naga leaders who were available at that time and the NPC was born. The leaders of that generation had only one objective, that was to rescue and redeem the Naga people to safeguard their political identity, he said.
Jamir maintained that the State of Nagaland was neither a gift nor manna falling from heaven. It was purchased neither by gold nor silver but by the precious blood of the Naga people, he mentioned and said, “The very name Nagaland is very dear to our hearts.”
“Today, I feel very happy that after 58 years, the truth has come out in the form of putting a bust of Dr. Imkongliba Ao, first President of NPC, at the Raj Bhavan, Kohima.
“For too long, this light has been put off,” he said. “But today, it is out now before the glare of the Naga public and the whole country.”
On Nagaland Governor RN Ravi’s Statehood statement wherein he, without naming NSCN (IM), attacked them for the current political stalemate in resolving the Naga political issue, Dr Jamir said whether the Governor or the Chief Minister, they should be true to what it was. In other words, they should tell the truth, he said.
“Why should we mislead the people?” he asked and further said, “You know the truth is bitter.”
On the NSCN (IM)’s sticking to a separate Naga flag and the constitution for resolving the Naga political issue, Dr Jamir replied that neither sovereignty nor integration appeared in the “Framework Agreement.”
Stating that the flag and the constitution are attributes of a sovereign country, he said even NNC President AZ Phizo, in his long years of struggle, had never spoken about the constitution or a flag why because it was part of the sovereign independent country.
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