Friday, June 18, 2021
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Now, NSDMA official alleges police highhandedness in Wokha


Dimapur, April 20: Nagaland Police has already come under poor light due to two incidents of assault wherein uniformed personnel were involved in bashing up two doctors in Dimapur and Workha respectively. Now a third incident of police highhandedness against person involved in COVID-19 duty has surfaced.
The victim, who is a District Project Associate, Wokha, Nagaland State Disaster Management Authority (NSDMA) has appealed to the Secretary, NSDMA, Kohima to take punitive action against erring police personnel and traffic personnel and informed that she would not be able to perform duty.
In a letter to Secretary, NSDMA Kohima, the DPA, Mercy Kithan narrated that on April 13 last, while she was returning home after receiving the NSDMA consignment of COVID-29 Relief Rice bags for Wokha district, she was stopped by both police and traffic officers as well as some colony youth volunteers just below the Deputy Commissioner’s office junction.
“I showed them the car pass from DC office and my Identity Card and requested them to allow me to pass through via traffic police point as I was returning from duty. However, they started abusing me verbally and lectured me on ethical conduct in full public view,” she wrote adding, “When I tried to explain that I was only doing my job like them, they threatened to beat me and put me in jail.”
The DPA further stated that the police personnel confiscated her car key and one of them took a video of the incident and uploaded it online.
“Now, a clip of the video is being circulated on various social media platforms portraying my public image in poor light,” she stated adding, “The video is accompanied by a one-sided write up undersigned as “Nagaland Police” accusing me of some self-styled medical staff and showed only the part wherein I was at my wits end and decided to call my superiors.”
“This is a direct attempt to malign my image and it’s punishable under IPC Section 499,” the DPA stated.
She further said that the incident had perturbed her mentally but she decided to let go of the matter, given the grave situation and did not file an official complaint. “However, now that the Nagaland Police Wokha has decided to circulate the video clip on social media, I am left with no choice but to take this up to your esteemed authority,” she wrote.
The DPA appealed to Secretary, NSDMA that those concerned personnel must tender public apology clarifying that she was on duty when the incident took place. She also demanded that a written assurance must be provided stating that they would not harass her further and stop her from performing her duty in the name of maintaining law and order.
“Until such time I will not be able to perform my duty in the capacity of DPA for Disaster Management Authority Wokha as my public image, mental peace and ability to carry out my official duty without harassment is hampered,” she said and urged the Secretary to look into the matter at the earliest.
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