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Now NPP calls for war against drugs & tobacco

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DIMAPUR, JUNE 10: Expressing deep concern over the rising cases of drugs and tobacco addiction, especially among youngsters, in Nagaland, the NPP Nagaland State has given a clarion call to all concerned to immediately wage a war against the menace of drugs and tobacco in line with the ongoing war against drugs in neighbouring States of Assam and Manipur.
In a statement, the State NPP said Nagaland today has become a haven for drug peddlers and addicts similar to what happened in Punjab earlier, which was once considered the drug capital of India. It said many youths have either ruined their lives or are on the verge of complete addiction due to this menace, which has remained unchecked for many years despite numerous concerns by NGOs and other forums.
According to NPP, ever since the international crackdown on the Golden Triangle in the late 1980s, a huge chunk of narcotics leaves Nagaland everyday unchecked right under the nose of the authorities. “Today, Manipur and Nagaland are not only transit points for narcotics but a source and destination. As a result, in Nagaland and Manipur hundreds and thousands of innocent school and college students are being victimized on a daily basis by these unscrupulous drug-lords”, it claimed.
Citing a report by SP Narcotics, NPP said the main drug trafficking routes pass through Manipur, Nagaland and Assam. “There are well-established cartels, especially in Dimapur, which are run and managed by a network of influential and powerful people who are well protected”, it claimed.
The statement alleged that though the police, acting on various tip-offs and inputs, are able to put some of the petty peddlers behind bars, there is no action taken against the main masterminds and kingpins behind the drugs racket. “…despite concrete and sufficient evidences against these kingpins they are able to escape the clutches of the law as they have multifarious connections”, it alleged.
“The day is not far when Nagaland will become the next drug capital of the country if the Government, the police, the civil organizations, the church bodies and the common people do not open their eyes to this menace and find out the wolves in the sheep skins and take drastic actions and measures against these notorious activities”, it said.
On tobacco abuse, NPP said even though banned throughout Nagaland and under the COTPA Act, the sale of tobacco products are banned in the vicinity of educational institutions, there is rampant supply and clandestine sale of such products in broad daylight.
Despite the initiatives taken by various village, colony and ward councils, NPP said there is little respite in the supply and sale of these products. “The most alarming matter is that most of the tobacco users are young students and teenagers which have far-reaching detrimental effects on their physical as well as mental health”, it said.
Calling for waging a war against the menace of drugs and tobacco, the NPP said, “Who will enjoy the fruit of the awaited Naga solution when there will be no one left?”
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