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Now, BJP national vice president Chuba says ‘no seat sharing for 2023’

M Chuba Ao
M Chuba Ao (Courtesy: Twitter)

‘Nagaland can become a Model State’

Nirendra Dev
NEW DELHI, MAY 5: BJP national vice president M Chuba Ao on Thursday, May 5, sought to dismiss the recent defection of 21 NPF MLAs into NDPP as a ‘natural political development’ and maintained that the saffron party should think big and stay away from any seat sharing in 2023 polls.
“Personally, I don’t want seat sharing. You can say, we want to contest all 60 seats. Why not? In 2018, we had gone for seat sharing but in 2023 we should have a different approach”, Chuba told this journalist in a brief telephonic interview.
“Look, when we declare seat sharing, many good candidates will not come to us. In fact, if you ask me, in politics there is no harm in contesting against each other even if you have an alliance with one party or the other”, he said.
He said, “Now many aspirants are there to contest elections on NDPP tickets, but everyone will not get tickets and some may come to us. Even BJP people when denied tickets can go that side. This is a natural phenomenon.”
Answering questions, a party veteran that he is among Naga leaders, Chuba said, “I am in BJP and associated with it for many years. I got into BJP when nobody used to come to us in Nagaland. According to me, today, the BJP should think big and highlight major initiatives like Atmanirbhar India as envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modiji. This is for self reliance both at the national and state level.”
“In fact, if proper planning is done and everyone works hard; with a mere 20 lakh population, Nagaland can emerge as a Model State under BJP”, said Chuba.
The theme of ‘Atmanirbhar India’ has become more relevant in the context of 75 years of India’s independence and Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav the country is celebrating, he said, adding,
“During the country’s independence and after, the scenario in agricultural production and industrial production were different. Then came the service sector. Then also came people’s dependence on Government jobs. This must change. Here lies the relevance of Atmanirbhar Bharat.”
To another question, he said, “Therefore, I am advocating that the BJP in Nagaland should prepare a 25-year Vision Document. We have so many good ideas, those should be highlighted. Our State unit president Temjen Imna Along, who is also a Minister; and women wing chief Pangnon Konyak, who is now a Rajya Sabha member, all should work”.
“I think, one should not focus only on self-centric politics. Why every time talk only about my survival, my own election….We should not think that I should get elected all the time. New people should also get opportunities.”
Moreover, he said, “Economic experts, market experts and fund management experts should be encouraged. If we do not have enough people, we should outsource. This outsourcing does not mean extra expenditures. We simply have to provide a platform. This will change things on ground.”
“My point is BJP in Nagaland like elsewhere should not confine itself to small areas and mere politicking. It should come out, think big and act big. The message should be loud and clear that the BJP is really committed to development and changing people’s lives.”