Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Nourhe Lozi commemorates Sekrenyi fest through Kratsü

Kohima, March 6: In commemoration of Sekrenyi festival, Nourhe Lozi (Peli No. 13) of Tsütuonuomia Khel, Kohima village kicked start the three days long Kratsii (Presentation of cultural songs) at Peli House, Lower T. Khel on March 4.
The programme is an honourable occasion for the budding members of Nourhe Lozi and in sharing the good spirit and harmony of Sekrenyi festival.
Nourhe Peli has extended its invitation to everyone to witness the proceeding and enjoy the colour of the last day of the momentous event on March 6, starting from 10 am onward.
Sekrenyi, also known as ‘Phousanyi’ is the premier festival of the Angami Nagas, celebrated annually.
Sekrenyi is a festival of purification and sanctification of the body, mind and soul.
Ritual are performed to cleanse off the past wrongs and sins; to renew and purify the body and soul of oneself, kinsmen, village and the community as a whole, ushering in greater aspiration and purpose in life.
The festival also marks the initiation of the young into adulthood and therefore, the festival is considered to be the identity hallmark of the Angamis.
(Page News Service)