Not against NRC but revision in Assam meant to oust Bengali Muslims: Left MP Jitendra Chaudhury


Agartala, August 27: Even as he said that the revision of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) is being carried out in Assam to oust Bengali-speaking Muslims, Tripura Left Front MP Jitendra Chaudhury said the CPI(M) was not against such an exercise.
Assam is currently undergoing NRC revision under the supervision of the Supreme Court. The final draft list was published on July 30 this year. Around 40 lakh people found their names were excluded from the list. The final list would include people whose names appear in any of the electoral rolls up to March 24, 1971 or the NRC, 1951 including their descendants.
Referring to the NRC revision, MP Jitendra Chaudhury told that Tripura should take a cue from Assam and that no Indian citizens would oppose the charter if the central government implements such a revision here.
“NRC was supposed to be regularly updated but that was not done after 1951. Following the Assam movement, it was agreed that NRC would be updated in that state. However, it was not done and a petition was later filed with the Supreme Court. The revision is now being done as per an order from the apex court. Certain people have also demanded NRC revision in Tripura. No Indian citizen will oppose it”, Chaudhury said.
He also said that if the central government chooses to revise NRC across the country, CPI (M) has no reason to oppose the move. Significantly, BJP supremo Amit Shah had earlier said NRC would be revised across the country if his party came back to power in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
MP Chaudhury’s comments come after CPI (M) state secretary Bijan Dhar said on August 19 that NRC is a ‘non-issue’ in Tripura. (Courtesy: IE)