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Not about who is right but what is right: Zeliang

Nagaland News

Kohima, February 16: Opposition leader TR Zeliang on Tuesday insisted that the Naga political issue is not about who is right but what is right for the Nagas.
“Naga political issue is not about who is right but what is right for the Nagas,” he stated.

Participating in the discussion on the Naga political issue today in the Assembly, he stated that for decades Nagas have struggled to find an amicable and early solution, which is the desire and aspiration of all Nagas spread across four Indian States and two nations.
Zeliang maintained that every group and every Naga leader desire the best for the Nagas and in this regard they have all toiled and given their all for the cause of the Nagas. He, however, lamented that there is an apparent gap between the Naga negotiating groups.
As elected representatives of the people and facilitators, we have a big role to play in bridging the gap and differences between them. …this bridging can start only when we stop to take sides and stop playing the role of a judge by determining who is right but rather we should strive towards what is best and right for the Nagas, he insisted.
Zeliang remarked that the Political Affairs Mission (PAM) of the NPF stands for “One Solution, One Accord’ and highlighted that during the course of PAM consultation with various CSOs and the Naga negotiating groups everyone was in line with this and willing to wholeheartedly support for ‘One Solution’.
He also referred to PDA Government’s resolution adopted on 15th Oct 2020 wherein they have also taken a similar stand – “One Solution for One People”. He said genuine peace in the land can be achieved through “political settlement based on Naga historical and political rights” and on the “unique history and position of the Nagas and this need to be pursued in letter and spirit and solution should be based in line with this principle.”
Zeliang appealed the Government of India to work out final modalities to come to a meeting point, wherein all the groups agree for one solution in the best interest of the Nagas, as it will bring about lasting peace in our land.
Stressing that NPF has always been for an ‘inclusive’ solution, which implies that all Nagas living in all the Naga ancestral land should be stakeholders in any kind of solution, he called upon all the Naga political groups to sign ceasefire agreement with the Government of India and join the dialogue to find a solution to the protracted Naga political issue.
Stating that “some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes” and that “mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating,” he said, “If past Agreements and Accords are any indication, it is time we learn from it and bring out a tenable solution this time.” (Page News Service)