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Not a result of tribalism: CSOCC’s rally underscores

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Protestors say DC Office should be in cadastral land

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 5: As the battle line ~ between two coalitions whose existence are not publicly acknowledged yet ~ slowly become more and more distinct, those against the move to shift the present office of Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur, to its new complex at Chümoukedima, claimed on Tuesday that their stand was not motivated by tribalism.
Since the latest round of opposition to the shifting of DC office began in recent weeks, the language as well the tone of a majority from both sides of the divide, especially on social media, has been distinctly tribal.

However, public statements in the mainstream media have been absent of the vitriol.
During a public rally at Holy Cross Point on Tuesday, the convenor of ‘Civil Society Organisations Core Committee’ formed to oppose the shifting of DC Office, Kuhoi Zhimo said that the public opposition was not a result of tribalism but love for the citizens of Dimapur.
According to him, the DC’s office should not be shifted out of the municipal area as it would mean that citizens of Dimapur will suffer.
If the present building is too old and incapable of housing the DC’s office, the public has no objection as long as it is shifted to a new building within the municipal area, said Kuhoi.
But he pointed out, under the current arrangement of the State Government the DC’s office is being moved out of a cadastral area to a non-cadastral land.
“We will not allow that”, he said while adding that if it was about the present building being too old, the State Government could have relocated the DC’s office to the ‘big building at Forest Colony’.
Another key issue, said Kuhoi, is the fact that a Deputy Commissioner is also the designated District Collector.
He said that Dimapur has 3 mouzadars and the DC has been placed in the urban sector to collect this tax.
After shifting to non-cadastral area, “under a village council”, how will the DC collect tax from cadastral/urban areas of Dimapur, he wondered.
“We don’t accept it”, he added.

Another member of the Core Committee said that as per “2020 Aadhaar Census”, the total population of Dimapur District is 4,14,921 out of which Dimapur Sadar accounts for 2,04,320.
‘Even by population count, we need two Deputy Commissioners”, he said.
According to him, opposing the shift of DC office to Chüloukedima doesn’t mean letting “our counterparts” in other areas of the district suffer.
As the people’s government, he said, Nagaland Government should ensure ‘equal share’ among all sections of the people and ensure that one person’s welfare doesn’t mean another person’s suffering.
The President of Dimapur Naga Students’ Union, Moayanger Jamir said that the Union will “not tolerate” any inconveniences caused to students who will need various documents while pursuing Central and State schemes.
There are more than 50 schools and 15 colleges ~ with more than 40-50 thousand students ~ in Dimapur, he said.
The DNSU President also questioned the rationale behind the shifting of DC office from “revenue jurisdiction” to non-cadastral land.
A representative of ENPO also declared the Organisation’s support to the opposition against the shifting of DC office.
Afterwards, the gathering ~ numbering in the hundreds ~ marched to the DC’s office and served a letter to Deputy Commissioner Rajesh Soundararajan, seeking a written reply from the Chief Minister in regard to an ultimatum the Committee had submitted on September 29.

The DC said that he will forward the letter to the Government “for further perusal”.
The protestors sought an assurance from the DC not to remove/shift any office material from the present building, but the latter didn’t give any commitment.
The Committee maintained that it will continue with the peaceful agitations until the State Government “officially reply” to its memorandum submitted on April 6, 2021, and the ultimatum served on September 29.
It warned that in the event of any untoward incident occurring in the course of the protest or forceful shifting, the Chief Minister will be held responsible.
Asked to assemble wearing their traditional attires, most of the protestors on Tuesday were from Sumi, Lotha and Ao communities. There were representations from some of the tribes from eastern districts of Nagaland, as well as the Kachari community.
On October 4, a press release by 15 Dimapur-based organisations had come out in support of the Government’s decision to Dimapur DC office.
The organisations were Chakhro Angami Kuda Union, Western Chakhesang Hoho Dimapur, Zeliang People Organization Dimapur, Rengma People Organization Dimapur, Pochury Hoho Dimapur, Rongmei Hoho Dimapur, Inpui Hoho Dimapur, Thangal Hoho Dimapur, Maram Union Dimapur, Mao Hoho Dimapur, Poumai Hoho Dimapur, Naga Tribal Union Chumoukedima Town, Tenyimi Woman Union, Dimapur, Tenyimi Students’ Union, Dimapur and Tenyimi Youth Organisation, Dimapur.
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