Nonentities and Juggernauts


So, one by one, the BJP has “conquered” the maximum number of states ~ the latest and extremely crucial being Karnataka, in view of the parliamentary elections slated for 2019. However, what is inexplicable is that the defeated Congress still remains centre-stage in the political discourse of the country, including the “national” media and social media ~ and questions such as “Should Rahul Gandhi still lead the Congress?” etc., are being debated. Interestingly also, if you notice even Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP President Amit Shah speak more about Rahul Gandhi than issues that are dear to the heart of the aam admi in all election campaigns. Why is it so? As is generally opined by the entire country, Rahul Gandhi may be a very nice guy but doesn’t quite have what it takes to be a politician ~ at least not the kind of politicians that do well in the Indian political landscape. And, Modi himself seemingly doesn’t take him seriously as a political adversary, so why does he need to disparage the Gandhi scion all the time in most of his election speeches? Psychologists and those who deal with the human mind and how it works will probably be the right people to explain this nonetheless even at the level of the lay person, it appears that at a subconscious ~ and possibly at a very instinctive and intuitive ~ level, the BJP still perceives Rahul Gandhi and the Congress as political threats ~ perhaps if not within the next five to ten years but later after about a decade’s time, because if all remains equal, time favours Rahul Gandhi. Another reason could be because Modi, Shah and the rest of the BJP know how they have been winning state Assembly elections across the country ~ which means that they know that the Congress still has a support-base. However unpalatable it may be to the BJP, its election strategies and tactics aim at destroying emotional attachments people have had for one or the other political party for decades. One wonders why the BJP doesn’t work to create and earn the people’s emotional attachment to it. The other reason possibly is that the BJP knows only too well that what goes up must come down ~ nothing better than the Congress as an example. Since Independence, the Congress was invincible and unstoppable except for a few of years after the Emergency. But even after that, it bounced back to power for over almost two decades ~ till it allowed the rot within the party, which adversely affected the country, to crumble down just four years ago. This rot within the Congress is also intrinsically linked to the quality of the party’s leadership, which the BJP also knows very well and that with a change in the Congress leadership, the current political scenario will not remain the same ~ especially if and when the new Congress leadership changes political and electoral strategies and tactics. Though all victors know that resting on past laurels invite assured defeat, the BJP too will not rest on its laurels but push for more electoral victories to keep the country in its grip therefore it is possible that relentlessly pouring scorn on Rahul Gandhi is a long-term strategy well thought, well planned and well executed. But, how well will it pay off in the long run? Besides Time, only the Congress can answer that. Meanwhile, if Rahul Gandhi is a political nonentity against the juggernaut the BJP is at the moment in India’s political landscape, why waste time on the obvious, which is so very clear to the people ~ and thereby insult the intelligence of the people? If the BJP devotes even 25% of the time it wastes on running down Rahul Gandhi, on issues crucial for the country, its fears, insecurities, inferiority complex and lack of confidence wouldn’t be so apparent. And, while a good number of “national” television and print media houses are blatantly trying to fuel the BJP juggernaut to roll over the country smoothly, by debating on Rahul Gandhi and/or the Congress endlessly isn’t helping the BJP’s cause. After a certain point people simply want to move on with life. Now that it is well on its way to making the country Congress-free, the BJP should concentrate on that, which means the country’s growth, development and progress.