Non-Naga indigenous residents are in panic and need clarification from government


This has the reference to order issued by ADC Dimapur, vide letter number NO DCD/CC-1/IIC & PRC (NON-NAGA) 2016-D/556 DATED DIMAPUR THE 5TH JUNE 2018 and the News published in local dailies where cancellation of Indian Domicile Certificate, Non-Naga Indigenous Certificate, Permanent Residential Certificate to Non-Nagas issued till date, from Office of the DC Dimapur, is being reflected as per order. This news created a sudden panic in the minds of Non-Naga permanent settlers of Dimapur.
To mention, Citizens of mainland India settled in different parts of the country before and after Indian Independence, which includes Dimapur town also. After statehood of Nagaland, many Non Naga settlers of Dimapur preferred settling here and it continues till date, we have also witnessed lots of developmental activities and contribution by Non- Naga inhabitants in Dimapur since time immemorial. Dimapur is a place where majority of the total population were from mainland India during statehood of Nagaland and those that have settled before declaration of state in the year 1963-64, they preferred residing here in peaceful co-existence with all other communities maintaining brotherhood relationship . It cannot be denied that uncomfortable influx of population from the areas outside Dimapur, contributed towards the vulnerability of indigenous status of permanent settlers of Dimapur (Naga and Non-Naga) and it should be restricted with proper law as per constitution without hurting permanent settlers of the district.
On 7th June, 2018, the news carried as order that the valuable certificates proving authenticity of Non-Naga permanent settlers, issued by the government from office of the DC, stands cancelled and of no use. The mentioned ‘inadvertent issue’ of the aforesaid certificate by the government then, created a tremor of discomfort amongst the Non-Naga indigenous residents. As a concerned citizen, it is my ardent request to the government to look into the matter to clarify its stand on the issue to bring a sigh of relief to the bona-fide/genuine inhabitants of Dimapur.
Bishnu Bhattacharjee
Concerned Citizen, social and political worker of Dimapur.
Dimapur, Nagaland.

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