Saturday, April 1, 2023

Nominees of the 12th Music Awards of Nagaland 2020 announced

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In spite of the current pandemic, the spirit and creativity of the musicians and music community of Nagaland has not been dampened but rather has shown its remarkable adaptability and innovation to adverse conditions thereby helping to keep the local music industry vibrant and thriving in spite of all odds and this can best be reflected in the record number of entries for nomination received for the Music Awards of Nagaland (MAN) this year.

After careful scrutiny and screening, the following 77 entries have been nominated in various genres of the 12th edition of MAN.


Pop (Duo or Group)

Name of Artiste/ Group

Song Title Recorded at

K L Pamei ft various artistes

So much more Pamei Records

CJ Gurung

Kohima Anthem

Clef Ensemble

Ina feat. Virie

Wild love

Infinity Inc. Studio

Novan X Kevi


JHC Records

Novan X Kevi

Put a smile, take a break

JHC Records

Moatangit Jr ft. Mhabemo Kikon


Mar Ao Production

Trance Effect


Nash Bedroom Studio

M-DOX x Mozzey Feelin good

Mozzey’s Studio

Pop (Solo)

Pelao Konyak Dumb girl Alive Jam Station Mon
Sunep A Jamir Edge Resonate Studio
TK Lemtur Lights Ode Studio
Medongunuo Zumu My story Richa Productions
Dieze Sothu My cloud fairy Rewire Studio
Meyisanen Lemtur Closure Sound Art Studio
Virie Aliya Arennungsang Jamir
Kuteü Khutso The End Jam Studio 11

Pop (Hindi & Local Dialects)

TS Geneses TS Geneses ‘Twi’ Clef Ensemble
C Bangnyei feat Balungnanghü Yiükha Home Studio
5 minutes Band Udaan (A flight) Tribes Music & Media Lab
Mendan Konyak Kyun Tribes Music & Media Lab
NK Naga Tum ho mera pyar Lkr Music Records

Hiphop/ Rap

Psycho K4 Down to ride Dream Music Studio
ZT Slingshot Nimok Power Home Studio
M-DOX x Mozzey Feelin good Mozzey’s Studio
Rhythm RS Shruwaat New Life Studio
Soz Chapters D18 Studio Delhi
Macnivil Live your life Clef Ensemble
Macnivil Ura Uvie Clef Ensemble
Anguagha x Benjamin Sleepless nights Livemaster & Wati Imchen
Meyisanen Lemtur These moments Sound Art Studio
S.W.A.T. Kar mehnat Home Studio



Gospel (Hindi & Local Dialects)

Aplono Lhothemi Kukutsu Melody Café Studio
Imnasanen & Esther Ao Asen Chuchuyimlang Tribes Music & Media Lab
Aosangla Pongen Pa Angutsü MTBA Studio
Asenla & Brothers Ochi Tongpang MTBA Studio
Olemjungla Ozukum Ni Yongyar Putu Tzudir home studio
Imlichila Kichu Tsüngrem dangi arung MTBA Studio
Noktitong Ozükum Oh Kibur  Nai Tesendok MTBA Studio
Odinendang Pongen Ozü lima tebur tajung MTBA Studio
The Chronicles Band Yeh Dua Lkr Music Records
Zekuosa Zhale A la tsei Rewire Studio
Temsumongba Ozukum Tanela (Soul) Tribes Music & Media Lab
Prakash Bharati Mitho sambandha Lkr Music Records


Aszo Naga Most beautiful JRC Studio
Chingom feat. Noklem Dream fly high Alive Jam Station Mon
Senti & Hopong New Start Home Studio
Aseto Zao Believing Lkr Music Records
Denlei Angh Why she cried? Tribes Music & Media Lab
Chubatemsu Kichu I will live my life for you MTBA Studio
Toshirenba & Sosangpong Grace MTBA Studio
Kenny and the Faith Band Why worry why Rewire Studio
Quartet Harmony No longer in the dark Wati Imchen Studio
PK Toli Scars are beautiful Media 24 Studio

Folk Fusion

Run Monday Run Zongza Courtroom Records
Imnasanen & Esther Ao Asen Chuchuyimlang Tribes Music & Media Lab
PK Toli Kumsuchelo Media 24 Studio
Abel Asumi The Tears of my Soul Tribes Music & Media Lab
Alika K Achumi Imaginary ocean Lkr Music Records




Binto Semy Memories of Akaito The Gluttones Kitchen
DJ Lil’ Bomb Here we are Infinity Inc
Run Monday Run Zongza Courtroom Records
Noel Zoek feat. Fung Walling Molly Noel Zoek Music Production
Rylo X Azzer All of my love Self produced
Lanuar Cold Lanuar’s Studio
Lanuar Ecstasy Lanuar’s Studio
Kuteü Khutso The End Jam Studio 11




Sunep A Jamir

Set with you

Resonate Studio

Trance Effect

Favourite mistake

Nash Bedroom Studio

Trance Effect

More love

Nash Bedroom Studio

Shelao Kheang Konyak


Alive Jam Station, Mon

Kenny and the Faith Band

Lost city

Rewire Studio

Symphony Kites

Love along the way

Sentilong Home Studio

Joel and Ale


Richa Productions

Medo Kense

Hello My friend

Richa Productions

Vipito Swu

Too young

Richa Productions


Feel good

Arennungsang Jamir

Version2 Surety

Element Indie Records

The Music Awards of Nagaland (MAN) instituted in 2009 and managed by the Native Trax Society is being supported by MW Enterprises this year.

As in previous years, awards will be presented to the best song in each category listed above as decided by the judging panel. Awards will also be given away in technical categories such as Best Music Video, Best Video Director, Best Sound Engineer, Best Producer, Best Lyricist and Song of the Year.