Friday, September 29, 2023

Noklak: Towards sustainable economy

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Mongshai Longshe

Noklak, Nagaland’s youngest district, is determined to emerge as an economically sustainable district. In conversation with Nagaland Page, Renny Wilfred, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Noklak, stressed on the need for developmental activities through “community leadership and ownership” further stating that as the first Deputy Commissioner, he sees “the challenges as an opportunity to build systems and quality institutions. We have complete ownership and ability to start from scratch on this endeavor with the public and not just the district administration. I have a set of officers who are really good, going beyond their call of duty.” Impressed by the goodwill of the people since his reception in Noklak, Wilfred expressed that he is looking for that kind of support and cooperation even in the future.
With regard to developmental activities, a separate community cell has been established whereby 11 young volunteers and school representatives are assigned to collect data in different villages under the new district with regards to handicraft, tourism, education, water and internet connectivity, agriculture, etc., in order to keep a check and track their progress at the grass-root level from a realistic perspective.
In conversation with the volunteers, they expressed that it has been a learning experience and regardless of the challenges, they are confident that they can contribute positively to society through their undertakings. This comes under the Development Promoter, which is a special cell to ensure sustainable social and economic development. It ensures that the community is directly involved in generating awareness and boosting public involvement in the developmental activities of the District.
Renny Wilfred is clear about his vision as the first Deputy Commissioner of Noklak. He focuses on the general public by blending community leadership in his administration, adding, “We plan to identify land as per the people’s demands for development.” By engaging volunteers in the endeavor, he aims to empower young people in all aspects of development, leadership and also prepare them for competitive exams.
Wilfred’s priority for the district is being human resource development hence he is of the view that faith-based organizations such as the KBCA play an important role in community mobilization and is ethically responsible to the people alongside the administration because of their “capability and availability”. The Development Promotor cell “can act as a catalyst to ensure that we are having a jumpstart of things.”
Wilfred also added that for free skill development, they will be “looking forward to tie-up with training partners and avail free trainings in skill centres to provide employment opportunities through industrial linkages.” In the sphere of skill development, “the three areas of agriculture, handicrafts and tourism need small industrial clusters where self-employment can be planned”, he added.
20200920 132926 2As Noklak turns towards the dawn of economic/commercial progress, it is pertinent to mention some of the existing and upcoming establishments. In addition to a gas agency, M/S Tangsoi Indane Gramin Vitrak, owned by T Tangsoi, at Medical Colony, construction of two petrol filling stations are already underway ~ Noklak Filling Station, owned by T Pulong, located approximately 1.5 kms from Noklak towards Pangsha road, and a BPCL filling station owned by L Martha Thai, at Longshetso. Construction of a tourist lodge is also underway at Nokyan B.
Since the reception of the Deputy Commissioner, Wilfred expressed his appreciation to the public for their support, hard work and cooperation. As the administration extends its service for the cause of progressive Noklak, it all comes down to whether the community can extend the same kind of support and cooperation in all the endeavors that is ahead and beyond to make the newest district one of the most progressive in Nagaland.