Monday, March 1, 2021

Noklak appoint district development promoter

Dimapur, September 17: To ensure community involvement and community ownership in developmental activities and to act as coordinator for community mobilization, newly formed Noklak District has resolved to appoint a Developmental Promoter. The District is facing the mammoth task of District development and the unique challenge of ensuring inclusive and sustainable development that boost local economy.
With a vision to take up the developmental activities, to provide coordination and community leadership, and to disseminate to the grass root level, Noklak district administration along with Khiamniungan Tribal Council, Khiamniungan Menyiu Hoikam, Khiamniungan Students Union and Khiamniungan Baptist Churches Association resolved to appoint a developmental promoter. The developmental promoter will coordinate and extend support to various agencies for the development of the district.
Chongkoi Khiamniungan was nominated as the community development promoter. She is currently working as pastor at Khiamniungan Baptist Church, Saksi 3rd NAP Tuensang and holder of MSW apart from theology.
As per the deliberation among the stakeholders, the main reason for appointing a developmental promoter was to ensure the continuity of initiatives taken for holistic development of the District from the District inauguration onwards. Working under the aegis of KBCA, the District developmental promoter shall be trained initially about various schemes and programmes of the Government and potentials for community participation in these schemes and to act as a channel for community mobilization.
The development promoter will have the responsibilities of devising the ‘Noklak Vision 2030’ focusing on the developmental aspects from the public perspective. To ensure continuity of the leadership and knowledge, the developmental promoter will be given tenure of 5 years with a mandate to develop plan of action for the sectors – Education & career guidance, skill development, agri and agri processing and marketing, tourism and handicrafts. The sectors were chosen based on the potentials of the sectors to boost the local economy. The development promoter also has the responsibility to develop the second level leadership among the community to act as the future leaders and developmental promoters.
In a meeting held on September 15, the developmental promoter highlighted the need for sustainable development of the district and about recruiting and enabling village level volunteers for education and career development. (Page News Service)