Sunday, April 14, 2024

No value

Value-system is a collection of rules, principles, standards by which we live our life. It can be said to be  the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group. They teach us equality, honesty, truthfulness, hard work, discipline, perseverance, concern for others, punctuality, simplicity, loyalty, conservation of the environment and many other concepts. We learn these values through experience of life and through quality education. Parents as well as well as teachers can instill these values in children through their own behaviours. These values give us a sense of community and a sense of identity as a nation. They not only make us successful but also help us to live a fulfilled and happy life. Although the value-system is based on logic and real things, they are already well defined in religious scriptures. And running one’s life without values is like a ship without a compass. Unfortunately over the last few decades we have been witnessing a huge moral degradation in our society. Erosion of social, cultural, economic values, waywardness and corruption has brought chaos in our lives. We are living in a time very much different than that of before. Every time we read newspapers, there are flashes of scandals, rapes, frauds, embezzlements and violence. Every person does what is easiest, not what is right and try to create their own world. It is evident that our people have become very selfish and looking out for themselves alone; perhaps a clear indication that there is now no sense of community. The dominating desire to pursue material wealth and other tangible things that provide us physical comforts have made us blind and we have ignored the cardinal principals of life. The crisis have taken up such a magnitude that if serious efforts are not made to check the same, then the whole system is likely to collapse. Take for instance, the health department, which is one of the most vital organs on which the whole society rests especially in this part of the world where the people are poor. Unfortunately today our government hospitals are a shambles. A common man feels insulted to go to the government hospitals. And why shouldn’t he, because we see mostly junior doctors and interns attending the serious and sensitive patients and doing all jobs in the hospitals while the senior doctors are missing. We also see our doctors attending hundreds of patients in early hours at their private clinics and then refreshing for the day in the government hospitals, to get ready for the evening shifts. Under these circumstances can we expect better work at the hospitals? Apparently our commercial interests have thrown away our ethical and humanistic issues into the air and the Hippocratic Oath appears to have lost its relevance. It appears that the poor people have no option but to drink water and pray to God. Perhaps it is time that we take a cue from countries like UK where healthcare is completely free and everyone gets required level of care. Today the food we get in our markets are mostly adulterated, from milk to edible oil, butter and ghee, fruit juices, biscuits and the use of other contaminants and harmful chemicals for improving the look and the size of fruit, vegetables etc. We know how harmful they are? Indeed today nobody can give us any guarantee that our food items are not adulterated. The price haggling, duplicate materials in plastic, garments, electronics, etc are common in our markets. The game between the customer and the seller should have been win-win in which both should become happy. The common people too have very little consumer awareness. We neither demand proper receipts from shopkeepers nor do we have any knowledge of consumer courts. We have been left to fend for ourselves. Such a situation is likely to persist, till our people fails to realise that money is not everything, and that life extends beyond money.