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No sign of social distancing in Dimapur markets

footpath vendors

Dimapur, July 23: It is a fact that number of COVID-19 cases is increasing daily and now with positive cases being detected in places other than quarantine centres, the situation is becoming alarming in Nagaland. However, people do not seem to bother and violate the basic lockdown norms and SOPs laid down by the Health Department.
Markets places in Dimapur are overcrowded daily with no sign of social distancing in any shop, besides some people even do not wear face masks in public places.
Two days before the total lockdown begins in Dimapur, people were seen rushing to grocery shops and other places to purchase various items to keep in stock for the lockdown period and thereby violated the SOPs without maintaining social distancing norms.
While most of the shops are seen with posters pasted outside their shops asking customers to wear face marks and maintain social distancing, these are seldom followed.
On Friday, large numbers of people were seen in Nyamo Lotha Road, GS Road and other areas, who had gathered to purchase essential items before the lockdown.
When this reporter visited the market areas, it was found that there were no queues or social distancing maintained at the entrance of shops or vegetable and footpath vendors.
“One is always in a hurry to purchase his requirements and rush off”, a fruit vendor at the entrance of GS Road said and added, “We are used to it now”.
Talking to Nagaland Page, a footpath vendor at Nyamo Lotha road, who was having a hay day with large numbers of customers said, “I am unable to make people wait in queues, many shout at me for advising them to maintain social distance”.
He said police presence brings some sort of order but with no police personnel around, things are brought here and sold and there is no one to maintain the social distancing.
Speaking to Nagaland Page on condition of anonymity, a senior police official said, “We try our best to educate people to maintain social distancing and use mask when they are out to purchase and also to wait in queue but hardly people adheres to it fully.”
On lack of man power to deal with such lapses, he said, “We need to know the strength of police force, in the market there are more than 2000 people and with barely 20 personnel how can we manage to discipline the public.”
He said whether police or public, all need to maintain social distancing, put on masks and follow do’s and don’t, and added that civil administration also has a greater role to play along with the civil societies.
He admitted that it is a serious lapse and the consequences will be detrimental.
He cautioned that if such is the trend of social interactions between people in Dimapur during this COVID-19 lockdown phase, then all are destined to be doomed.
(Page News Service)