Thursday, June 17, 2021
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‘No serious patients should be turned away for want of COVID test report’

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DIMAPUR, AUGUST 4: The Department of Health & Family Welfare today stated that if any serious or critical patient requires hospitalization and approaches the COVID Hospital, such patients must be admitted in the isolation ward and stabilized subject to availability of beds.
No serious or critical patients should be turned away for want of COVID test report, referral letter or the nature of the disease, an advisory issued by the Department for COVID Hospitals and all health institutions (public and private) stated.
Principal Director, Dr Vizolie Z Suokhrie stated that patients are expected to seek healthcare at hospitals and health centres.
He said all healthcare workers must be prepared, irrespective of the hospital/health care centre (both public and private) being a COVID hospital or not, to take precautions and treat every patient as a potential COVID-19 patient.
He said isolation facility should be arranged by every hospital/health centre.
If there is any denial of treatment to any patient for want of COVID test report, appropriate action would be taken against the healthcare worker or hospital as per the law, he cautioned.
Stating that all health personnel managing unconfirmed COVID-19 cases should mandatorily use appropriate PPEs, the Advisory further encouraged all hospitals to make provision of Rapid Antigen Test for quick testing of COVID-19.
If there is no testing facility in the hospital, the treating hospital would be responsible for collection of samples to be sent to the nearest testing facility.
The Principal Director stated that the hospital authority would be responsible for immediate reporting of any suspected COVID-19 cases or those who are confirmed through Rapid Antigen Test to the District Surveillance Unit.
On COVID-19 case being detected in a non-COVID facility, the hospital/health care (public or private) should not be sealed unless warranted by SOP. As per SOP, if hospital authority is satisfied that all contacts are traced and adequate disinfection is achieved, the hospital would not be shut but continue to function.
Confirmed COVID-19 cases would be shifted to COVID Hospital/COVID Care Centre as per the severity of the case, the Advisory stated.
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