Sunday, April 18, 2021

No scandal in Rafale fighter jets deal, stresses Dassault CEO Eric Trappier

BENGALURU, February 20: Dassault Aviation CEO Eric Trappier on Wednesday reiterated that there is no scandal in the Rafale deal inked between India and France.
Trappier, who is in Bengaluru to attend Aero India 2019, added that the Indian government had requested for 36 aircraft and Dassault is going to deliver the fighter jets on time. Talking to ANI, Dassault Aviation CEO said that his company will be happy to deliver more aircraft if the Indian government wants more fighter jets.
“There is no scandal with Rafale, we had the request for 36 aircraft and we are going to deliver it. If Government of India wants more aircraft, we will be more than pleased to deliver,” Trappier said.
Earlier, Trappier had said that the Indian Air Force (IAF) will get the first delivery of Rafale fighter jets in September 2019 as per the contract. The Dassault top executive said that ”the delivery is totally in time.”
In an exclusive interview to ANI, Trappier had categorically rejected kickback allegations made by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi. It may be recalled that the Congress President had accused Trappier of lying about the details of the Dassault- Reliance Joint Venture (JV) for offset contracts in the Rafale deal.
“I don’t lie. The truth I declared before and the statements I made are true. I don’t have a reputation of lying. In my position as CEO, you don’t lie,” Trappier had said. The Dassault boss had made the remarks in response to Rahul’s allegation that Dassault was covering up for possible cronyism in awarding the offset deal to Anil Ambani-led Reliance Group.
On November 2, Rahul had accused Dassault of investing Rs 284 crore in a loss-making company promoted by Anil Ambani. He had claimed that the money used by Ambani’s firm to procure land in Nagpur. (Agencies/ANI)