Friday, April 16, 2021
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No re-poll recommended in State after scrutiny


RO says no discrepancies at 31 Riphyim Old III

Dimapur, April 12: No re-poll has been recommended for any polling station in 1-Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency. This was decided after the scrutiny of Form 17A and other documents in the office of the Returning Officer along with 2 General Observers and in presence of representatives of three political parties today at Kohima.
The preliminary scrutiny revealed that there were some polling stations where there were no polling agents/only one polling agent and also polling stations with less than/greater than 15% of the average polling percentage of the constituency. However, there were no adverse or untoward incident and the poll was conducted in a free, fair and peaceful manner, it observed.
During the scrutiny it was found that in 5 polling stations, while the presiding officers had taken out the mock poll VVPAT slips, they have inadvertently failed to clear the mock poll from the control unit.
The polling stations are PS No. 27 Bank Colony under 1 Dimapur-I A/C, PS No. 57 Rangapahar village under 2 Dimapur-II A/C, PS No. 1 Nikhekhu under 5 Ghaspani-II A/C, PS No. 23 Yaongyimsen III under 22 Arkakong A/C and PS No. 9 Suruhoto town under 33 Suruhoto A/C.
The meeting requested that permission be given to count the VVPAT in place of Control Unit for these polling stations.
Returning Officer, M Patton stated that complaints were received from Congress and NPF regarding re-polling at PS No. 31, Riphyim Old III, under 37 Tyui A/C alleging that there was multiple voting. However, he said on going through the report of the Presiding Officer and Sector Magistrate, no discrepancies were observed.
He said the polling agents of both the political parties were present and they did not raise any issue/objections of multiple voting at the particular polling station.
DC & ARO Wokha also said that when he visited the particular polling station in the first hour, he did not witness any person casting multiple votes at the polling station and there was no abnormality in the percentage of votes polled.
The RO also stated that there was no challenged/tendered votes. Since the allegations could not be substantiated by any documentary evidence/proof, no re-poll was recommended.
The RO further stated that for the remaining polling stations, the preliminary scrutiny reports furnished by respective AROs and Micro Observers has been examined and no discrepancy was reported.
(Page News Service).