No question of de-recognition of party by ECI: NDPP

No question of de-recognition of party by ECI: NDPP

Dimapur, July 22: The Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) has stated that there is no question of any rollback with regard to registration and recognition of the party by the Election Commission of India (ECI).
Reacting to what it alleged was the “misinformation” in public domain regarding a petition filed by an individual against the NDPP, the party in a release pointed out that despite the petition, no adverse order has been passed by the ECI and “there will be no change of status of the NDPP under any circumstances.”
“Our political adversaries had extensively used this petition to spread false propaganda and create confusion in the minds of the public,” it alleged.
Claiming that the petition against the party was timed at a crucial period of the campaign to the recently held bye-election to the Lok Sabha Parliamentary seat from Nagaland, the NDPP said, “It was used by our adversaries as a campaign strategy to garner votes and create confusion in the minds of the public. Despite such propaganda the NDPP emerged victorious with a handsome margin.”
According to the NDPP, on close scrutiny of the petition by the party and senior legal luminaries, the petition was found to be not only politically motivated, but it has been “fabricated with false contents, inaccurate certificates and the affidavit itself was fraudulent.”
The NDPP has appropriately replied to the petition, having also pointed out the deficiencies of the petition and the attempts to mislead the ECI with false information and certificates. Therefore we have asked for dismissal of the petition, it informed.
The NDPP stated that the party got registered with the ECI by following all procedures meticulously and the party was accorded recognition by virtue of its numerical strength which was obtained through electoral performances in a democratic manner.
“The NDPP is a registered and recognised political party with the ECI and it continues to grow as a movement with the popular support and blessings of the people. The attempts of our adversaries to mislead the public and even their own elected members by such false propagandas only expose their levels of frustration and desperateness,” it added.
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