Wednesday, March 3, 2021

No outbreak of Anthrax disease in Longleng

Dimapur, May 20: The reported suspicion outbreak of Anthrax disease in Longleng District has been proven negative.
A DIPR report citing laboratory finding from the office of the Chief Veterinary Officer, Longleng said the earlier suspicion of the outbreak of Anthrax disease is negative. However, it said an outbreak of Hemorrhagic Septicemia, a diseases cause in bovine by Pasteurella Multocida which is not zoonotic but contagious and highly fatal in mithuns, cattles, buffaloes and goats occurred in Sakshi block.
Meanwhile DC Longleng has extended ban on selling/slaughter of cattles, mithuns, buffaloes and goats and import of the aforementioned bovines only from Sakshi block till further order.
Further the earlier order of banning the sell/slaughter of the aforementioned animals in other parts of the district has been relaxed. (Page News Service)