No inherent right for adopted child: SKK

No inherent right for adopted child: SKK

Dimapur, June 19: The All Sumi Students’ Union (SKK) while reiterating earlier stand on adoption of child by any Sumi couples, reaffirmed its commitment to preserve the traditional paternal lineage of inheritance.
The SKK said that the inheritance matters of Sumi should continue on ‘Paternal’and not on ‘Maternal’ basis. The SKK stand in line with NSF standing resolution, ” Nagas by Blood, not by Adoption”, it added.
In a press release, SKK president, Atokiho Sumi and general secretary, Hutoshe Kits stated that any opportunity, be it government service, technical studies or inheritance of property should be purely on “Sumi by blood, not by adoption”.
Stating that the SKK does not oppose adoption of child by anybody/couples, it however said it would encourage any Sumi couple to do so on bloodline so as to avoid any future complications or deprivations.
The SKK in its 2nd Union assembly resolved to preserve and protect the inherent rights of the Sumi and said it would out rightly oppose anybody or authority that attempt to contaminate the strong fabric of the Sumi cultural identity where the kingship is based on bloodline inherently.
The SKK shall not tolerate any move that try to snatch ‘Sumi birth right’ by adopted children at any level, it added.
The SKK called upon its constituent units to be vigilant at their respective level and report to SKK office for further course of action. The SKK called for co-operation of all authority concern to respect the rights of the Sumi and not to entertain any doubtful identity/candidate, especially government jobs seekers and get proper verification from SKK.
“The SKK shall not entertain any recommendation/approval of such doubtful identity and shall fix the responsibilities to the concern recommending/approving authority in the event of any discrepancy arises in our resolute pursuance to preserve its customary practices and to protect our inherent rights from being invaded by the outsiders,” the release stated. (Page News Service)