No hike in rate of bricks: DCCI

No hike in rate of bricks: DCCI

’42 taxes paid to produce 1 brick’

Dimapur, July 20: Reacting to reports on escalation in the prices of bricks to more than Rs 10 per peace, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has informed that racketeering is the main cause for the hike in price of bricks.
In a joint meeting with Bricks Field Owners Union (BFOU) at its office, the DCCI said it found out that bricks are being sold at the Bricks Kilns at the rates fixed by the district administration on February 3, 2018 – Rs 6.50 for A class, Rs 6 for medium class, Rs. 5.50 for medium class and broken bricks at Rs 3500-4000 per truckload.
The DCCI said the hike in bricks price is mainly due to the presence of middlemen selling bricks at various locations in towns and highways purchased from bricks kilns and selling at higher price. In this connection the DCCI appealed to district administration to immediately intervene and either close those retailers or ensure that they sell bricks at rates fixed by the administration.
The DCCI further appealed to the public to make conscious decisions and buy from the brick kilns at rates fixed by the administration rather than be cheated by the middlemen selling at inflated rates.
In the meeting, BFOU revealed that taxation from various NPGs are overburdening the bricks kilns production and the business community has no choice but to recover from the price of bricks. It was informed that taxation in multiples are being collected by various NPGs namely yearly tax, coal yearly tax, coal per trip tax, sand tax, vehicle tax and labour tax.
“These 6 taxes multiplied by 7 NPGs totals into 42 taxes that are paid to produce a single brick, which is beyond any justification and reasons,” the DCCI said and appealed to the State Government to look into the grievances of BFOU.
The DCCI and BFOU further resolved and informed the consumers that any brick kiln selling bricks above the rates fixed by district administration should immediately inform 7005886916 or 7005526728 and if any kiln is found selling the bricks above fixed rates stringent action to the extent of cancellation of the permit will be initiated. (Page News Service)