Saturday, April 17, 2021
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No governance in Nagaland: SC Jamir

Jamir CAB

Says entertainment only will not take State far

Dimapur, February 2: Former Chief Minister of Nagaland, Dr SC Jamir has decried the total lack of governance in the State and blamed it on misplaced priorities of those at the helm of power.
There is no governance in Nagaland today, he categorically told Nagaland Page in an exclusive interview.
Be it politics, administration or police, there is no leadership, he went on to add.
Citing an example, Jamir pointed out the Sunday shop closure diktat in Dimapur issued by a Naga political group that is causing inconvenience to the general masses.
“What is the Government doing?” he asked.
Stating that the Government is doing nothing in the face of such diktat, Jamir said this is the reason why people have lost faith in Government institutions. For dispute redressal our people now go to NNPGs instead of a police station or a court of law, he pointed out.
Jamir also lambasted the State Government’s over enthusiasm for entertainment. Asked if he was referring to the Hornbill festival and the Mini Hornbills, he ducked the question, but said, “Can a State or country move forward only through entertainment?”
Stating that a country/state moves forward only through hard work, Jamir said festivals should not only be the purpose, but progress and achievements should be the objectives.
When pointed out that the people appears to be happy and satisfied with the entertainment programmes of the Government, he retorted, “If you give opium to people, they will be satisfied for now, but what will happen in the long run?”
He said what the State need today is change – dedicated leaders who can change the rotting system in place. Asked if he finds anyone from the present crop of leaders who can lead the change, he emphatically said ‘No’, as they are part of the problem that is taking the State backwards.
Then what is the remedy? Jamir said it is the youths who must take the lead in ushering the change. The youths should be alive to the kind of situation they are in today. They want to move ahead fast, but they cannot. We have a huge unemployment problem. If anyone wants to start a business, there are innumerable tax demands, etc, so where are the incentives, he said.
Asking the youth to study whether the present situation is congenial to their growth, he said if the situation is otherwise the youth should act.
“It can be a bloodless revolution. No power can prevent the youth force if they are determined, committed and have clarity of vision,” he stated.
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