Friday, January 22, 2021

No force can separate me and my fans: Rajinikanth


A recent news article created a significant impact on Superstar Rajinikanth’s relationship with his beloved fans. DMK’s mouthpiece Murasoli published a satirical piece on Friday ridiculing Rajinikanth’s statements about his fans, and political aspirations.
On Tuesday, Rajinikanth issued a strongly worded statement on Twitter explaining why certain office-bearers of the Rajini Makkal Mandram, the precursor of his political party, were removed from the post. He said, ”If people think we can achieve our laurels in politics just with the help of our fan clubs, they aren’t mentally stable. I have not asked my fans to spend time nor money for the fan club leaving their respective families in disarray, so people cannot demand a post in the Mandram claiming they have spent money for the welfare of it.”
”Being associated with the fan club for the past 30-40 years doesn’t make a member eligible for acquiring a post in the party,” Rajinikanth added.
The statement from their beloved leader created turmoil in the hearts of Rajini fans. Using this as a perfect opportunity, Murasoli, the mouthpiece of TN’s opposition party DMK, published an article on Friday ridiculing Rajinikanth’s earlier statements. The article which had the header ‘Who is the Black Sheep’ (taking a dig at his popular dialogue in Endhiran movie) had an imaginary character disguised as Rajini fan asking questions to his Thalaivar.
The article lashed out at Rajinikanth for insulting the fans who have been his loyal servants for the past 40 years. Through the imaginary fan’s voice, Murasoli says Rajinikanth has become a ‘puppet’ in the hands of corporates and certain communal elements who are trying to gain political mileage with his popularity which was created by ordinary fans.
“If Rajinikanth believes his fans should not think politics as a place for acquiring power or position, he should lead them by example. If he is not running behind power, he could very well start a party like EV Ramasamy Periyar, who wasn’t involved in electoral politics but was very strong about his policy and principles,” Murasoli added.
Brushing all the allegations, Rajinikanth issued a statement on Twitter yesterday, thanking his fans for understanding the truth he spoke though it was bitter. “I am proud to have fans like you. No force can separate me and you,” he said.
Rajinikanth asked his fans to travel in the path of honesty and said God will be with them. Following their leaders’ statement, the evicted office-bearers of Rajini Makkal Mandram from Cuddalore district met the actor at his residence in Chennai and submitted an apology letter and requested to take them back in the Mandram.