No confirmed COVID-19 case in Nagaland: Pangnyu

No confirmed COVID-19 case  in Nagaland: Pangnyu

Dimapur, February 18: Minister for Health & Family Welfare, S Pangnyu Phom today reiterated that there is no confirmed case of Corona Virus (COVID 19) in Nagaland so far.
Talking to media person today at his residence, Phom said the State Department of Health & Family Welfare has put up surveillance teams in place within the State and all travelers are under surveillance. He said out of 94 persons with travel history to China and other affected countries, 15 of them have been kept or advised home isolation, which the department is monitoring twice a day. He said the State Government is there for any eventuality with regards to COVID 19.
Stating that Nagaland was the first State in the country to maintain special surveillance system, the Minister congratulated the department for coming up with such special preparations.
He said though Myanmar is not affected, the borders with Mon, Kiphire, Tuensang, Noklak and particularly Eastern Nagaland bordering Myanmar are being monitored. He said through the department, all preventive/precautionary measures have been put in place and if there is any case, the department and the Government will take major corrective measure and inform the people.
He said all Government hospitals are equipped to deal with any epidemic.
When asked about the isolation wards in Dimapur district hospital, Dr Nyan, Deputy Director, Health & Family Welfare and Nodal Officer, IDSP, said 5 beds in Dimapur District Hospital are maintain as Isolation Ward, 10 beds in Rangapahar Military Hospital and 10 beds in CIHSR.
As per the department, a total of 52 beds in Isolation Wards of public hospitals and military hospitals have been identified and kept ready, while personal protection equipments (PPE), N95 masks and hand held thermal scanner have been provided.
When asked if the isolation wards can prevent further “leakage” of the virus, Dr Nyan said there is no 100% foolproof surveillance.
The department officials informed that people coming to Nagaland from outside the State are being monitored and screened at the airport. As per protocol, people are kept in isolation ward for 14 days and if they do not show any symptoms, they are released.
Replying to a query, Dr Nyan said that all travels to China are suspended at present and if anyone travels, they will be mandatorily quarantined once they come back. He said screening of passengers at airport started on January 31 and it is going on till today.
The Deputy Director further said that COVID19 is a new virus and there is no drug or vaccine available for it. He said people are worried and rumours in social media have triggered apprehensions.
When asked whether goods coming from China can bring in the virus, Dr Nyan said there is no evidence or proof that the packets coming from China will affect people or transmit COVID 19.
On the ban on hunting of animals in state after the outbreak of Corona Virus, Minister Pangnyu said ban on hunting of animals in the State has been there since 2009. He said there is no evidence that the virus has spread from animals to humans, the ban on hunting is only preventive measure.
Meanwhile, the Directorate of Health & Family Welfare said that any person with travel history to China or the affected country from 15th January 2020 should declare or report at 7005415243; 9856071745; 7005539653 or email at (Page News Service)