Thursday, April 22, 2021

No accountability

Our people have become so fixated on a solution to the decades old Naga issue that we appear to have forgotten what actually ails our society. Most often struggling people consider end of occupation as earning the real freedom. Ending occupation does not necessarily mean wining the actual freedom. Melting of occupation may only help to lift the soul-stifling physical bondage, the real transformation occurs only with the change of an unjust system. In the absence of an ideological transformation taking place, many nations even after decades of ending colonial rule are still not free in real terms. Apparently India has prospered and progressed by leaps and bounds since attaining freedom from British in 1947. But for majority of Indians lurching in worst economic inequalities and widespread injustices find themselves trapped in abject dehumanizing conditions; the fruits of freedom are still beyond their reach. Burgeoning 350 million middle class in India is a fact but 750 million or even more, living on just Rs 40 a day is also a reality. Today majority of Indians associating with anti-corruption movement is somewhat inspiring; it reflects a deep desire for change. Furthermore, it also indicates the growing wryness of people against the menace of corruption. Up to a point rules and regulations may be helpful to instill fear in the minds of the gullible. But in a situation where the rot has spread much deep down and corrupt to the core have invented every method to deceive the system, passing of more stringent laws against corruption will hardly suffice the need. Every year a new law is enacted. So far numerous anti corruption measures and multiple bodies, even overlapping, have totally failed to curb the ever-growing cancer of corruption. On the contrary the menace, after attaining social acceptability, has crossed all limits of decency. Now the laws have become totally redundant and inadequate to stem the rot. Laws create deterrence only among those with some sense of right and wrong, criminals hardly care. A shameless politician, bureaucrat or even a judge occasionally gets caught, still corrupt continue to indulge in corruption. Doesn’t a doctor know that spurious medicine will prove grievously harmful to his patient and is a policeman not aware of his responsibilities? Still why does a doctor at the first instance prescribe a spurious medicine and why a custodian of law breaks the law for few bucks? Sadly what was once normality has become abnormality? Integrity and honesty were once normal, but no longer. In law there is a punishment for an offence. But no reward for goodness is perceived as normality. But now what was once normal have became extra qualification. In this social transformation corruption has become an obvious part of our daily life. This menace is driving the society into an uncivilized and barbaric era where the mighty exploit the weak. It has shaken the moral edifice of the society. And everyone in the society is responsible for it in varying degrees as a giver and as a taker. It is like cancer for which there is no cure unless found out and treated in every stage. It has not been eliminated in the early stages. It has grown like a giant octopus spreading its tentacles in all walks of life. Here the problem is not with the law, our value system has crumbled. When the sense of right and wrong has been deliberately made to vanish, the laws are not enough to govern a man, inherently predisposed to commit an error. The concept of life after death automatically inculcates a notion of accountability. A man having strong sense of right and wrong believes in the philosophy of contentment. Conversely a materialistic person hardly believes in life after the death, no constrains mean no accountability. Earlier we were taught negation of self, materialism promotes fulfillment of desire. Material corruption is nothing but unbridled quest for the fulfillment of worldly desires and there is no end to it. To fight corruption, transformation of the minds is required and not simple enactment of laws. Similarly to earn freedom, the yoke of materialism has to be thrown first.