Friday, September 24, 2021
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NNPGs take strong stand against ‘defectors’


Says ‘true patriots do not defect or desert’

Dimapur, January 24: The Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) have taken a strong stand against defection of national workers from one group to another, terming such defectors as “cheap and untrustworthy.”
“Presently, the focus of the Naga people, tribal bodies and civil societies is on the ongoing political dialogue in New Delhi between NNPGs and GOI.
“Homefront, there is an urgent need for all NNPG leaders, including Khango group of NSCN (K), tribal bodies and GBs to jointly identify and isolate defectors who are vying for high positions in various political groups. This is a menace degrading the Naga cause,” the WC NNPGs said in a statement.
Calling upon all groups to send back all recent defectors to where they came from, the NNPGs reminded that increase or decrease in membership will not impact the outcome of negotiations.
“At this juncture defectors do not deserve respect or honour from any corner. In a national struggle like ours thousands face hardships in civil and military wings yet true patriots do not defect or desert for it is a treachery accompanied by curse,” it stated.
“For defectors, clearly there will be no seniority claim or contribution to Naga National service because their names will be erased from service record the day one defects. It is a crime which not only makes a person cheap and untrustworthy in the eyes of general public, his/her tribe, clan and friends, even defector’s children cannot escape shame and stigma attached.”
Considering the urgency and status of the Indo-Naga political negotiations, the NNPGs said it is prudent for tribes, hohos, clans and families to reach out to own members in different political groups against defection.
“Nagas are yearning for honourable and acceptable solution. Defectors are like rats gnawing away at the hard earned fabric of Naga unity. These men and women should not be welcomed like heroes within NNPGs fold or outside.”
Urging the general public in towns and villages too understand the negative impact and social disharmony brought about by defectors, the statement asked NNPG leadership, tribal bodies and GBs to jointly identify these elements, de-affiliate them from Naga political arena and treat them as persona-non-grata. (Page News Service)