Monday, April 19, 2021
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NNPGs slam Muivah’s ‘parallel force’ allegation


Claims section of NSCN (IM) don’t want Naga solution

Dimapur, February 22: The Working Committee, NNPGs has taken strong exception to the reported statement made by NSCN (IM) general secretary Th Muivah to a private TV channel accusing the NNPGs of being a “parallel force” propped up by the Government of India against him.
“WC feels that the recent interview of Mr. Th Muivah to a private channel was an opportunity to appreciate fellow Nagas and reveal the up-to date, practical and panoramic view of a political solution that was on the anvil if there was one. On the contrary, once again Naga history and integration issue became the oft repeated topic and ended up accusing NNPGs of being a parallel force propped up by GOI against him. At this juncture any self respecting leader would avoid uttering such nonsensical idea,” the media cell, WC, NNPGs said in a statement.
Stating that the WC is negotiating with the GoI with the consent and approval of Naga tribal hohos and civil societies, the WC alleged that portraying NNPGs as a ‘parallel force’ is a cover up to mask the failures of NSCN-IM dialogue.
The WC also alleged that there is a school of thought within the core of NSCN-IM setup, which do not want political solution between Nagas and the GoI. “For them Nagaland is a rice bowl, a huge money spinning industry fulfilling all their personal luxuries unlike their unproductive barren domiciles. They have to harp on sovereignty and immediate physical integration to stay relevant in Nagaland despite GOI’s clear position. There is a simple reason and the idea is, keep the issue boiling, stretch the political negotiations, shout sovereignty and integration, convince the politicians and play electoral politics, offer key assignments to Nagas of Nagaland within the organization, continue vigorous propaganda for solution and then tax the people of Nagaland to skin and bone,” it alleged. (Full Text)
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